Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday

I can’t believe that my baby is 1 month old today!  I was looking through pictures to see how he has changed, and realized that I have taken a pictures of him every day since his birth.  (Are you really surprised?)  I chose a photo to represent every day of his life so far. 
June 18  - Happy Birthday Kyton, we’re so excited that you are here!  & June 19th _ Happy Fathers day to a wonderful daddy!
Kyton's first month-1 Kyton's first month-2
June 20 – The day we left the hospital! & June 21 – Sleeping peacefully like a babyKyton's first month-3 Kyton's first month-4
June 22 – wearing the first outfit purchased for him.   & June 23 – On the blanket my Aunt made
Kyton's first month-5 Kyton's first month-6
June 24th – participating in a photo session June 25th – Daddy giving Kyton a sponge bathKyton's first month-7 Kyton's first month-8
June 26th – Making one of many funny faces  June 27th – Hanging out in the Boppy
Kyton's first month-9 Kyton's first month-10
June 28 – Chilling in his crib June 29 – love my boy’s sweet face June 30th – Helping daddy with work
Kyton's first month-11 Kyton's first month-12 Kyton's first month-13
July 1 – Daddy’s the best at burping  July 2 – Love how that shirt brings out the color in his hair July 3 – chillin’
Kyton's first month-14 Kyton's first month-15 Kyton's first month-16
July 4th – Ready to go party July 5 – visited the doctor and got the OK for the tub bath, also found out he weight 8 lbs, 16 oz.  After clarifying with the doctor we found out that means 9 lbs in Florida too.  July 6 – the day that grandma and grandpa Swab arrive
Kyton's first month-17 Kyton's first month-18  Kyton's first month-20
July 7 – checking out grandpa  July 8 – cuddling with grandma July 9 – spending time with grandma while daddy and grandpa snorkel at Blue Springs
 Kyton's first month-22Kyton's first month-23Kyton's first month-24
July 10 – Attended his first wedding, and got a family picture July 11 – One of only a few pictures with mommy July 12- Love spending time in grandma's arms
family 2011-1 Kyton's first month-25Kyton's first month-26
July 13 – Sad my grandma and grandpa Swab have to leave, but thanks for the new toy July 14 – First attempt at a bottle 
  Kyton's first month-27 Kyton's first month-28
July 15 – Happy Anniversary mom and dad, helping mom with chores in the Moby wrap before we get grandma Cheri and grandpa Ron for the airport July 16 – all ready for bed
 Kyton's first month-29 Kyton's first month-30
July 17 – Too cute to set down
 Kyton's first month-31
July 18th – Today Kyton weighed 11 lbs 1 oz after his feeding. I can’t believe how big my little boy is getting.  I love being his mom!


Shelby Wright said...

Precious!! I love this!!

Crystal said...

I think this is so amazing how you have a picture for each day of his life. Loved reading it and seeing the pictures.

Emily said...

What wonderful pictures! Time flies so fast... it's great that you've been able to document him day by day! :)

Anonymous said...

Carly, he's just so precious. :)

Taylor said...

So many wonderful shots!! Don't you just love all the expressions babies make?!

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Excellent photography. Picture are so nicely captured and every picture is telling the whole story. What a nice blog.

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cute so pretty baby

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