Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saint Augustine Sunset Cruise

One of my favorite things to photograph is a beautiful sunset.  There’s something about the way the color blend across the sky that make the perfect ending to a fabulous day.  While on our baby-moon in St. Augustine we took a sunset boat tour of the bay.   
 babymoon-46 babymoon-47 babymoon-43
Pretty sure that the boat above is abandoned. 
babymoon-49  babymoon-51
As often happens, we saw a dolphin. 

View of the city from the water.

babymoon-53 babymoon-55 
Love the glowing cross!
I think that the shot above is going to be printed and hung on the wall.  I'm really bad about printing, but I just love this shot!
babymoon-56  babymoon-58
The boat above was a ghost ship tour.  It was out after dark, so we opted for the sunset boat ride. 
babymoon-59 babymoon-60 babymoon-61    babymoon-65 babymoon-70
Top left, taken my some random guy.  Top right, self portrait.
They timed it our perfectly, the sun disappeared seconds before the boat pulled into the marina. 
babymoon-68 babymoon-69

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