Saturday, June 4, 2011


We usually try to get away for long weekend, but this year we didn’t think it would happen.  Dylan was scheduled to play drums at church, the baby’s birth is getting closer and it seemed like a busy weekend.  Somehow there was a computer error, and they accidently schedules 2 drummers…. meaning, that we could cancel everything else we had planned and take our last pre-baby vacation. 

Our picnic lunch location, beautiful with a nice breeze!  (top left) I ripped apart the travel book to include only the parts we actually needed.  (Top left)


At this point in time we’ve been to all of the major tourist cities in Florida.  Oh, minus the panhandle, but does that really count, it seems like part of Georgia or Mississippi rather than Florida. 

babymoon-4 babymoon-5

We realized it had been about 5 1/2 years since our Saint Augustine visit! 

babymoon-6 babymoon-7

If you follow my blog, I am sure it’s no secret we we love to travel.  We’ve been to Saint Augustine before, but we wanted a location that was somewhat close to home, you know, just in case. babymoon-8 babymoon-12

babymoon-20 babymoon-10 babymoon-13 

I love the beautiful architecture!  This was at Flagler College.


 babymoon-18babymoon-17babymoon-14babymoon-19  babymoon-21babymoon-22babymoon-23

How cute is this!  Just married!


We had some tourist take a picture of us.  I sure am getting big, 36 weeks here.  (I’m not sure the white shirt helps too much either.  )

babymoon-27babymoon-26  babymoon-28 babymoon-29 babymoon-30 babymoon-32babymoon-31 

According to my pedometer, we walked 8.7 miles in one day!  We got a walking tour map from the visitors center, and stopped at all of the historical sites along the way. 

babymoon-33 babymoon-34

I discovered that pregnancy + heat + a lot of walking= contractions.  Luckily I drank a bunch of water and felt pretty good the entire trip. 

babymoon-35 babymoon-36  babymoon-38 babymoon-39
Dylan cooling off a bit in the frigid waters of the bay.  I’m sure anyone who lives up north would think that the water was a nice temperature, but to us it was cold. 
babymoon-40 babymoon-41

We also went to the Anastasia State Park, the beach, slept in visited Daytona beach, went hiking, and explored Deltona.


We had such a nice time NOT thinking about all of the stuff we still need to get, and the things we need to do.  It was a great time to enjoy a break from life, and get some rest. 

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