Tuesday, May 24, 2011

33 week belly pictures

For the longest time people would tell me how small I looked compared to how far along I am. At about 33 weeks that stopped, and strangers that did not know me finally were able to tell that I was really pregnant.  Dylan even commented that I finally look pregnant.  (That’s what good husbands say when they mean that you are fat.)  It seems like every time I look down my belly is larger. 

33 weeks-133 weeks-2

I’ll be honest, I don’t really mind too much.  It’s sort of nice to finally be obviously pregnant.  I was a little worried before when people would tell me how small I was.  I as worried that there was something wrong with the baby.  He’s still doing great, and measuring a week ahead like he has been pretty much the whole time. He still moves all day and all night. He does not seem to like the fetal position, and prefers to stretch out.  I’ve actually been feeling really good thanks to weekly visits to the chiropractor.  I am slightly more tired, but have not had many of the other 3rd trimester symptoms moms often complain of.  I actually felt much worse during my first trimester than I do now. 

33 weeks-633 weeks-5

I’m actually at 35 1/2 weeks now, but I’ve been busy working on the yearbook for my school.  Today I sent it to the printers!!  Now I actually have time, so that’s why you are just seeing the 33 week pictures!  I am actually still wearing my regular clothes, about once a week I’ll wear something maternity.  Today I tried maternity pants, and I’m not a fan.  I hate the whole belly panel, but when I roll them down they don’t stay up. I think I’ll just stick with my regular pants until I can’t wear them anymore.  (All of the pictures here are wearing regular clothes.)  I still have a mini stash of maternity clothes in the closet with tags.  I guess I thought that I’d be much bigger than I am… not complaining, just staying. 

Maybe we’ll take more pictures this week since he’s growing quickly these days!


Emily said...

You look great! I'm glad that you finally have a belly to look pregnant... that inbetween stage where you just feel fat is the worst. Hope you are feeling wonderful! :)

The Riggs Family said...

Wow! I needed maternity clothes at about 30 weeks with Cate and at about 16 with Brennan. You look awesome.

And...I have a sensory blanket for your little man pinned, I just need to sew it. Once I get it sewn, I'll let you know and send it your way.

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