Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Words from Daddy

I am positive that Dylan will be a great dad to our little one, but sometimes his comments make me laugh.  I know that he is not serious, but the way he says things are quite comical.  Here are a few recent examples that I can remember:


Crib Mattress:
“It says in this buying guide that the we should get as firm a mattress as possible. What if he prefers a soft mattress?  If we are supposed to get a firm mattress, I say we just save $ and let the kids sleep on a board”

Room Decorations:
“My son will never sleep in such a ‘fufu’ bed, we are going to decorate his room with scenes from the video game modern warfare”

“Why do we need a stroller, just give me something to tie the kid to myself and I’ll be good to go” (referring to a Moby wrap, or something similar.)  He is actually pretty set in this one.  He has been researching carriers, and has plans to carry the baby most of the time rather than using the stroller. 


In a prayer: “Please help the baby in Carly’s belly to grow up big and strong, and please help him to not poop too much.”

I mentioned to Dylan that once the baby arrives we will have to schedule our activities out of the house around the baby’s sleep schedule.  He asked, “If the kid is in his crib, what can happen, why can’t we just leave him there?”  Obviously we would never do this.  It is unfortunate that there are parents that actually feel this way and leave their children. 

The last is not funny, but sweet. Last week I was super sick.  I had a gum infection and high fever along with a really puffy cheek.  I know it sounds strange, but according to the internet, it is more common in pregnancy.  I was miserable.  Dylan brought me a whistle so that if I needed anything I could call him.  He said a bell was a little too much, but that he would come for a whistle.  I didn’t actually use the whistle, and pretty much just slept, but appreciated his thoughtfulness.  Luckily an antibiotic seems to have made things better, but today was the last day of medication and the swelling is not completely gone, so  I am a little nervous. 

Dylan studying for play-3

Dylan studying for play-1   Dylan studying for play-2

The pictures above were taken while Dylan was practicing for a role in a play.  He’s been busy with one play after another!


Emily said...

Your Dylan is a funny guy! I loved wearing Aidan around the house and when we were out. But, sometimes a stroller was more convenient. Especially because it gets so humid down here and wearing him when it was really sticky out was uncomfortable for both of us. I'd recommend getting one just in case. But,you guys will love to wear your little man. :)

The Riggs Family said...

Hilarious! I second Emily's thought...sometimes a stroller is just slightly more convenient. If you get one that goes with your carseat, it makes things easier-- like going to the store when it's raining. Then you're not messing with trying to get a carrier on and baby in while it's pouring out. Just pop the seat in the carrier, cover up and go.

Hope you're feeling better and the swelling goes away.

Sheri said...

About the husband was the same way, only back then it was either a Sling or a Snugli (I think that's what they were called), he searched out the perfect sling for tall people and wore all of our babies in it all of the time.

In fact...when baby #4 came along baby #3 was still in the sling and refusing to move out so Mike went out and bought another he could wear two babies at once.

Taylor said...

LOL, men says the craziest things. You still look so tiny, lucky lady!

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