Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Showered with Gifts – Part 2!

As I mentioned, we have some really generous friends and family.  The following day my mom and two sisters threw a shower in the basement of my dad’s church.  (All pictures by my sister.)
   baby showers-26baby showers-27 
Hand made baby clothes!  They were given to me at the Pittsburgh shower, but we used them for decoration.  Dylan’s aunt-in-law is starting a business called “Off the Line”  This was her first product.  She made everything to match our colors!  She already has 3 orders! 
 baby showers-29 baby showers-30 baby showers-31
Dylan and I had to decide on the characteristics we wanted for the baby.  Dylan took the list to study afterward.  There were a few surprises, but I was honestly surprised at how many things we agreed on.
baby showers-32 baby showers-33
This game always produces funny pictures.  If you are not familiar with it, my sister melted candy bars into diapers, and everyone had to guess the candy bar.  It really looked gross!
baby showers-34baby showers-35baby showers-36 baby showers-38baby showers-37baby showers-39 baby showers-40baby showers-41 
Identify the ultrasound part
baby showers-43baby showers-44 
My grandma gave us this warm hat.  She said it is to take the baby home from the hospital, so that he does not catch cold.  My family reminded her that he will arrive in June, and in Florida.  She still says he needs to wear the hat.  Gotta’ love the ‘old wives tales’!  I will use the hat for some cute newborn photos. 
baby showers-46 baby showers-47
We are so blessed to have so many people that already care for our little boy!  We were even able to pack really creatively and get it all back to Florida.

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