Tuesday, April 19, 2011

“You’ve got a belly on you! Are you pregnant?”

“Why yes sir, I am.  You have a larger belly than me, are you pregnant?”

… I didn’t actually respond that way, I was polite.  Sometimes people don’t think about the things they say.

30 weeks-3-2


One of my students asked me “what is going on with your belly?” 
Me: “Remember how I told you that I am going to have a baby?  It is growing in my belly.”
Student: “boy or girl?”
Me: boy
Student: “Oh good!  Boys are much better.  I have a little sister and she throws things, but I don’t think boys throw. I’m glad you are having a boy!”

30 weeks-1-630 weeks-2-3

I absolutely can’t believe that I am now 30 weeks pregnant?  It feels like 20 weeks just passed.  It is so exciting to think that in about 10 week our baby will be here!

30 weeks-2-2 30 weeks-1-4


We had an appointment yesterday and an ultrasound.  They made me so nervous!  We had the ultrasound, and the tech would not tell us the baby’s weight.  She said the doctor would tell us when we had our appointment.  We both were really worried for about an hour.  He is big, 75th percentile compared to average babies his age. They expect him to be over 8 lbs. by the time that he’s born!  I’m not sure if that is good or bad…
30 weeks-1-530 weeks-4

I finally hit my pre-pregnancy weight today, but obviously things have shifted around.  I sort of feel big already, and can’t believe that I’ll be getting bigger for 10 more weeks!  I had to stop running about 4 weeks ago since the baby was pressing on my nerve, and my leg hurt.  I still walk as much as I can, but around the 2 mile mark my nerve starts bothering me. 

I took these using the tripod and camera remote, so they are not the best. 

30 weeks-1-3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Headshot Opportunities

They say that in acting, your headshot is one of the most effective and important marketing tools.  As you may know my husband Dylan loves acting in local theater.  A few months ago I took headshots of Dylan, and I’m proud to say that it has brought many opportunities!  Dylan was cast as one of the lead roles in a movie and invited to audition for Blue Man Group.  This week he is busy filming a short movie where he has the lead role.  I am so proud of him, and the opportunities he has pursued! 

dylan headshot-1

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Michelle & Brian | Orlando Engagement Photographer

Michelle and Brian met each other about a year ago, but their relationship has moved quickly!  Brian has such a fun sense of humor, and was so much fun to shoot!  They have so much fun together and didn’t seem to notice the camera. 
 Michele & Brian-1   Michele & Brian-4 Michele & Brian-2 Michele & Brian-5
Michele & Brian-6  Michele & Brian-7 Michele & Brian-8 Michele & Brian-10 Michele & Brian-9  Michele & Brian-11  Michele & Brian-13 Michele & Brian-14  Michele & Brian-16 Michele & Brian-17 Michele & Brian-18 Michele & Brian-19
In the middle of the session my camera malfunctioned.  Unfortunately this led to sending my camera to Cannon for a pricey repair!  While my camera was being fixed a friend of Michelle’s let me borrow his camera so that we could finish the shoot!  I know that photographers think of their camera as their baby, and REALLY appreciated being able to use the camera.  My camera is back now and better than ever!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Words from Daddy

I am positive that Dylan will be a great dad to our little one, but sometimes his comments make me laugh.  I know that he is not serious, but the way he says things are quite comical.  Here are a few recent examples that I can remember:


Crib Mattress:
“It says in this buying guide that the we should get as firm a mattress as possible. What if he prefers a soft mattress?  If we are supposed to get a firm mattress, I say we just save $ and let the kids sleep on a board”

Room Decorations:
“My son will never sleep in such a ‘fufu’ bed, we are going to decorate his room with scenes from the video game modern warfare”

“Why do we need a stroller, just give me something to tie the kid to myself and I’ll be good to go” (referring to a Moby wrap, or something similar.)  He is actually pretty set in this one.  He has been researching carriers, and has plans to carry the baby most of the time rather than using the stroller. 


In a prayer: “Please help the baby in Carly’s belly to grow up big and strong, and please help him to not poop too much.”

I mentioned to Dylan that once the baby arrives we will have to schedule our activities out of the house around the baby’s sleep schedule.  He asked, “If the kid is in his crib, what can happen, why can’t we just leave him there?”  Obviously we would never do this.  It is unfortunate that there are parents that actually feel this way and leave their children. 

The last is not funny, but sweet. Last week I was super sick.  I had a gum infection and high fever along with a really puffy cheek.  I know it sounds strange, but according to the internet, it is more common in pregnancy.  I was miserable.  Dylan brought me a whistle so that if I needed anything I could call him.  He said a bell was a little too much, but that he would come for a whistle.  I didn’t actually use the whistle, and pretty much just slept, but appreciated his thoughtfulness.  Luckily an antibiotic seems to have made things better, but today was the last day of medication and the swelling is not completely gone, so  I am a little nervous. 

Dylan studying for play-3

Dylan studying for play-1   Dylan studying for play-2

The pictures above were taken while Dylan was practicing for a role in a play.  He’s been busy with one play after another!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Showered with Gifts – Part 2!

As I mentioned, we have some really generous friends and family.  The following day my mom and two sisters threw a shower in the basement of my dad’s church.  (All pictures by my sister.)
   baby showers-26baby showers-27 
Hand made baby clothes!  They were given to me at the Pittsburgh shower, but we used them for decoration.  Dylan’s aunt-in-law is starting a business called “Off the Line”  This was her first product.  She made everything to match our colors!  She already has 3 orders! 
 baby showers-29 baby showers-30 baby showers-31
Dylan and I had to decide on the characteristics we wanted for the baby.  Dylan took the list to study afterward.  There were a few surprises, but I was honestly surprised at how many things we agreed on.
baby showers-32 baby showers-33
This game always produces funny pictures.  If you are not familiar with it, my sister melted candy bars into diapers, and everyone had to guess the candy bar.  It really looked gross!
baby showers-34baby showers-35baby showers-36 baby showers-38baby showers-37baby showers-39 baby showers-40baby showers-41 
Identify the ultrasound part
baby showers-43baby showers-44 
My grandma gave us this warm hat.  She said it is to take the baby home from the hospital, so that he does not catch cold.  My family reminded her that he will arrive in June, and in Florida.  She still says he needs to wear the hat.  Gotta’ love the ‘old wives tales’!  I will use the hat for some cute newborn photos. 
baby showers-46 baby showers-47
We are so blessed to have so many people that already care for our little boy!  We were even able to pack really creatively and get it all back to Florida.
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