Saturday, March 26, 2011

Showered with gifts!

Dylan and I are so blessed!  We visited the cold north (where we are both from) and were given two baby showers!  We were beginning to get a little nervous when we realized just how much stuff is needed for a baby.  A few months ago we thought you buy a crib, and a few diapers and you are good to go.  Apparently babies require a lot more!  After our weekend and many extremely generous friends, we are feeling much more prepared. 

Our first shower took place near Pittsburgh at the church in which Dylan grew up.  It was given by his mom and aunt. 

baby showers-5baby showers-1baby showers-2

Apparently this is how guys get ready for a baby shower…

baby showers-4baby showers-3 

blessed with so many gifts!

baby showers-7baby showers-8baby showers-6

Playing the normal shower games.

baby showers-9baby showers-10

Trying to guess the size of my belly.   

baby showers-11 baby showers-12 baby showers-15

No one guessed smaller than I am.

baby showers-13 baby showers-14 

Apparently I look bigger than I am.  Is that a good or bad thing?

baby showers-16 baby showers-18baby showers-17 

They thought of every little detail down to matching the napkins and favors to our colors!baby showers-19 baby showers-20 baby showers-21

We were given so many clothes that really match our style, including many ‘rock star’ items. 

baby showers-22 baby showers-23

I can’t wait to meet our little boy and use all of our new gifts!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cruising at Grand Turk

When I saw the theme for Photo Friday, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to share a few photos from our cruise.   

A little slice of heaven!Grand Turk-4 cruise vacation what to do and see amazing vacation 

Getting ready to snorkel…
Grand Turk-2Grand Turk-6Grand Turk-5Grand Turk-7 Grand Turk-8
Enjoying the blue water and perfect day! (That’s me, on the left)
Grand Turk-9 Grand Turk-10
The island has European influence… with a man in a speedo
Grand Turk-11 Grand Turk-12 Grand Turk-13 Grand Turk-14 Grand Turk-15 Grand Turk-16 Grand Turk-18Grand Turk-17  Grand Turk-19 Grand Turk-20 Grand Turk-21 Grand Turk-22 Grand Turk-23  Grand Turk-25 Grand Turk-26 Grand Turk-27
I can’t think of a better way to spend the day… especially since the beaches were pretty much empty.
Grand Turk-28 Grand Turk-29
We were fortunate that both Dylan’s and my parents were able to join us, which gave us the perfect opportunity to share our baby news.  This picture was taken after we had been snorkeling all day.  
(Bottom row: my mom, me, Dylan  Top row: Dylan’s dad, my dad, Dylan’s mom)Grand Turk-30
We were planning a cruse for next November, but found out that they have a rule that babies must be 6 months old :-(  Our little guy will only be 5 months. 
Grand Turk-31 Grand Turk-32
Before we left, Dylan had an mini photo shoot. 

Grand Turk-36Grand Turk-38  Grand Turk-40Grand Turk-42

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the island!
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