Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ultrasound results are in and it’s a …

Dylan could not be happier, and to be honest I am just glad to see that everything is developing as it should.  We actually found out the gender of our baby at 11 weeks!  I had no idea that they could even tell at that point!  We were not expecting to find out, and hadn't even discussed if we wanted to know or not.  I am pretty sure that we would have chosen to know, but it was a surprise to find out so soon! The gender was confirmed at the 15 week ultrasound, and again at our 20 week ultrasound, so I am pretty sure they are correct.  Dylan would have been equally happy with a girl, but sort of wanted a little boy so that he can teach him ‘man stuff.’
Another big highlight in the past week or so is that we can see him moving in my belly, and Dylan can feel the kicks.  This boy moves all the time!  He usually takes a little nap after lunch, but the rest of the time he’s kicking me non-stop.  He even woke me up one morning with his kicks, and I could not get back to sleep.  I sure hope that he sleeps more when he’s on the outside than he does now! 
The best part of the ultrasound was the 4-D images.
 baby 4-D-1 baby 4-D-2
This is another thing that I didn’t know that they could do at such a young age.  It is so fun looking at our little man and trying to figure out who he looks like. I think he has Dylan’s chin, and Dylan thinks he looks like an old man!  I mentioned before that Dylan is not the biggest fan of ultrasounds, well, after this he changed his mind. Who do you think he looks like?
baby 4-D-3
Cheaper Than Therapy


Emily said...

How exciting! Having a little boy is wonderful- you guys will be in heaven. :) Glad to hear he is healthy and everything is going well so far in your pregnancy. I miss feeling those baby kicks and wiggles. :)

Carolyn Ford said...

Congratulations on your "confirmed" baby boy! Who does he look like...? Well, to be honest I think they ALL look like little aliens at this point in life! Cute little aliens, though... His features are beautiful and he will be a handsome little dude! Enjoy...and, about the sleep...don't expect things too different on the outside...isn't that grand news?! I LOVE being a grandmother, twice, and loved seeing our little guys' ultra sounds and falling in love with their little alien faces! They turned out beautiful and so will your little guy!

Taylor said...

Congrats on a BOY! So exciting. In my experience they have the same sleep pattern on the outside as they do on the inside LOL! Sorry.

jen said...

after two girly-girls we were blessed with a baby boy. and i was SCARED OUT OF MY MIND. i had no idea that i could even raise a boy. i didn't like the color blue. and i was terrified of teaching someone how to pee standing up.
but now? he is my heart. completely. there is ABSOLUTELY nothing like a little boy's love for his mama. nothing. congratulations. and i can't wait to see all of your pictures of him!

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