Thursday, January 13, 2011

I’m Back!

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I took a little blogging sabbatical.  If you are reading this, thanks for keeping me in your reader.  I have a great explanation for my absence and changes to tell you about, but I’ll get into that tomorrow.  For now, I have pictures to share. 

One of my favorite past times is spending the day at the beach. 

Sanibel p. 5-19 Sanibel p. 5-2

Growing up, we traveled to Florida annually, but my parents are not the ‘sit on the beach and relax’ type of people.  They like to be on the go, doing and seeing.Sanibel p. 5-3 

I love visiting touristy and nature areas and fitting a lot into a little time, but sometimes, you just need to relax!

 Sanibel p. 5-5 Sanibel p. 5-6 Sanibel p. 5-7

There is something so peaceful and serine about the beach. 

Sanibel p. 5-8 Sanibel p. 5-9 Sanibel p. 5-10

The rhythm of the waves splashing on the shore…

Sanibel p. 5-11 Sanibel p. 5-13 Sanibel p. 5-12 Sanibel p. 5-18

… the spa treatment of a foot exfoliation as I walk along the smooth sand.

Sanibel p. 5-14 Sanibel p. 5-15

I just love spending the day walking along the waters edge. 

Sanibel p. 5-16 Sanibel p. 5-17 

(Unfortunately my entire blogging sabbatical was not spent at the beach.)

Sanibel p. 5-1

If you are in one of the 49 ‘other’ states that have snow, don’t be too jealous.  It has been cold here recently!  We had to turn on the heat last night and tonight.  Well, actually the term ‘had to’ is debatable, Dylan thought that the 66 degree temperature in our house was comfortable, I disagreed.  Luckily I won!

Come back tomorrow to find out about the changes and about my sabbatical. 


Carolyn Ford said...

Delightful pics...we love the beach too and walk in the sand often out here in southern California. Welcome back...I wondered about you!!

desertsandbeyond said...

Glad you are back, too! We're having mid-70 degree days for about the next week! DELIGHTFUL!!!

Pat Tillett said...

So many beautiful photographs!

did you know that you still can't comment here unless you go to the individual blog post? I thought you had all commenting blocked!

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