Monday, December 26, 2011

He still looks like his father.

Does Kyton’s expression remind you of Dylan’s from our now and then photos?

confused face

In every photo that I compare, Kyton still is 99% Dylan!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

We are so blessed this Christmas with our beautiful healthy baby boy.  We truly could not imagine a year ago how full our hearts would be this Christmas with the addition of our sweet baby boy.  One look at this smile turns any day around.  We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. 
if babies could talk-5

Merry Christmas

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Getting together with my family, and  keeping our tradition of one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  We don’t actually own a Christmas tree, so we helped my parents decorate their tree. 

Kyton laid on the ground giggling as Rich stepped over him to hand ornaments. 
Christmas tree decorating-8

Sharon and I were the photographers. 
Christmas tree decorating-10 Christmas tree decorating-6

My dad supervised.
Christmas tree decorating-4

Rebecca unpacked the ornaments.
Christmas tree decorating-9Christmas tree decorating-7

My sisters boyfriend, Rich hung the ornaments, which was pretty much most of the work.  I guess that’s family initiation.  Our family really likes Rich.  I mean who wouldn’t like a guy that does all the work and doesn't complain?

Christmas tree decorating-5
What traditions do you look forward to at Christmas?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We found the Christmas Vacation house!!

I was trying to get somewhere when I came across a detour.  For some reason I decided I could make my own, better route, and I headed in the opposite direction.  I ended up turning back, and following the original detour after getting lost, but I found this on my way. 

Nov 2011-24.jpg

These houses had lights EVERYWHERE!  But what impressed me was how tastefully it was done.  Yes, it was over the top but not in a bad way. 
Nov 2011-23.jpgNov 2011-21.jpg

Since we live in Florida it was about 70 degrees, so I took Dylan and Kyton for a walk to the other side of town to see these the display.

Nov 2011-20.jpg

We tried to give Ky a closer look, but he started pulling on the lights.. oops.  The next door neighbors turned off their lights as we walked by their house.  I guess they didn’t want a cute 6 month old to eat their lights. 

Nov 2011-22.jpg

Kyton was amazed, and just stared at the lights.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Florida Snow

We visited Celebration, Florida to see the falling ‘snow.’   It is really more like soap bubbles, but Kyton was entertained anyways.  The up seide is that when we gave him a bath he didn’t need any soap ;-)

Nov 2011-8.jpg

I can’t wait for my boy to feel real snow. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

6 months old!!

It feels like we were just bringing our tiny 7 pound newborn home from the hospital.  How do we already have a 22.5 pound 6 month old boy?  We took a few 6 month photos of our Florida boy next to the orange tree in the backyard. 

Nov 2011-6.jpgNov 2011-5.jpgNov 2011-2.jpgNov 2011-4.jpgNov 2011-3.jpg

The oranges match his bright hair!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sensory Blanket

My friend Melody, who I know from high school made Kyton a sensory blanket.  He is at the age now where he loves to run his hand along fabric to feel the textures.  He also likes the feel of cloth against his face as he is falling asleep.  Dylan’s trick to get him to sleep is lightly running a blanket over his face.
Nov 2011.jpgNov 2011-2.jpgNov 2011-3.jpg
Thanks Melody!

Monday, December 12, 2011

If our babies could talk..

We went to a party with some of Kyton’s baby friends over the weekend. I took a few photos of the babies and thought they needed some dialogue.
Kyton (plaid shirt) and R (stripes) were hanging out on the floor.
if babies could talk 
K: You have teeth?  I don’t yet.  Can I feel yours? 
 if babies could talk-2
R: Your hair is so silky smooth and orange, what shampoo do you use?  
K: I need my nails clipped, want to help me out? 
A(Gray sweater)  and R (white with bows) were practicing standing.
if babies could talk-19 
if babies could talk-17
(I don’t think this one needs words)
if babies could talk-16
R: Look dad, I’m pushing away the boys like you told me to do.
if babies could talk-20
R: Let’s not tell our mom’s about this one, ok?
if babies could talk-11 
L: My mom said that I get to eat solids.  Do fingers count?

Kyton and A were playing near the jumper.
if babies could talk-9
Kyton: You look almost like the baby in the mirror that follows me around.  Are you my twin?
 if babies could talk-8  
A: The boys need to stick together. Give me five man!
if babies could talk-10
This was an attempt to get a group shot of some of the babies… look whose kid is crying.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tummy Time

I look at these pictures of my strong boy,

Nov 2011-2.jpg

and it’s hard to remember

Nov 2011-4.jpg

the days where tummy time was a struggle

Nov 2011-7.jpg

that often ended in tears.

  Nov 2011-3.jpg

These days he can lift his head super high

Nov 2011.jpg

and loves playing on the ground  

Nov 2011-5.jpg

using the quilt made for him by my Aunt Gail

Nov 2011-6.jpg

to match his orange hair.

Nov 2011-8.jpg

He rolls onto his tummy all the time.

Nov 2011-9.jpg

I almost wish that he’d slow down a little,

Nov 2011-12.jpg

and stay my baby for longer. 

Nov 2011-10.jpg

Oh my sweet,

Nov 2011-11.jpg

little boy!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa Baby

Kyton met Santa this evening during Christmas night at my school.  They were selling pictures as a fundraiser, and we paid for the picture, but they also let me take a few with my camera too! 

We walked up and Santa says to my husband, “Dylan, do you remember me?”

I’m sure Dylan is thinking "yeah, you brought me toys and left them under the tree all those years.”

As it turns out ‘Santa’ was an actor in a play with Dylan at the local theater.

I bet you didn’t know that during his off time Santa heads to Orlando to act.     


Here are only a few of the pictures I took of Santa and Kyton.  I never try and force him to smile, and this was no exception. He did this on his own! 

 Santa baby-3
Santa baby-7 Santa baby-6   
   Santa baby-4

He was such a great baby all night and went to bed easily afterward this evening.  One of my teacher friends wondered if he was used to the sound of all the students from when I was pregnant.  He took a little nap in the carrier, but was happy and smiling at everyone the rest of the evening.

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