Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tammy & Adian | Orlando Wedding Photographer

Tammy and Adian are such a fun, sweet couple.  Just seeing them interact with each other, their love toward each other was obvious.  We had the perfect golden sunset light in the family’s compound.  They have a beautiful piece of property complete with a lake and trees draped with Spanish moss.  There are more pictures to come, but I wanted to post a little preview.   


Since they decided to see each other before the wedding and take advantage of the light, we arranged a first look.  Adian and I went outside and he stood facing the lake, Tammy walked up, and Adian turned around to see his bride.    

Tammy&Adian_Wedding-3 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-4

After a week of what people that live in Florida call cold weather, they had the perfect day.  They could not have asked for more perfect light for their pictures!

 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-5 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-8

Can you see what I mean about how happy they look?

Tammy&Adian_Wedding-9 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-10 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-11 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-12 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-15 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-14 

kiss from his wife and mom


Check out those nails!

Tammy&Adian_Wedding-27Tammy&Adian_Wedding-31Tammy&Adian_Wedding-28Tammy&Adian_Wedding-16Tammy&Adian_Wedding-18 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-19 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-20 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-24

glowing while they kiss!

Tammy&Adian_Wedding-21 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-22 

 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-25 Tammy&Adian_Wedding-26


The Riggs Family said...

Beautiful wedding shots! I love how you used the light to make them "glow".

Melissa G said...

Beautiful pictures! They look like a wonderful couple!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Taylor said...

Beautiful shots! Such gorgeous lighting for a wedding.

Anonymous said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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