Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunset walks on the beach

I love the beach,

 Sanibel p. 3-1

and I love golden sunset light. 

Sanibel p. 3-2

We definately had a lazy vacation day, and didn’t even leave the hotel until noon.

Sanibel p. 3-3

But it totally worked out!

Sanibel p. 3-4

the beaches were empty!

Sanibel p. 3-5

Growing up my family took evening walks every single night. 

Sanibel p. 3-6

Dylan was a sprinter in college, and does not like walking.

Sanibel p. 3-7Sanibel p. 3-9

I tricked him into walking about a mile down the beach.  We were talking and he lost track of how far we were going. 

Sanibel p. 3-8

The day ended with the most amazing golden sunset!

Sanibel p. 3-10

Nothing beats an ocean sunset!  Oh, how blessed we are to see these sights!


Carolyn Ford said...

Oh, yes you are blessed! I know how much I love our beach walks at sunset, too. Desert sunsets are pretty cool too! Nature is just SO grand! Keep Dylan walking so he doesn't miss anything!!!

Taylor said...

Just Beautiful!! It makes me so excited for our trip to Florida this February. I hope it's warm enough for some beach pics.

Anonymous said...

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