Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is how we roll

Dylan and I love to travel.  Ok, actually I love to travel.  Dylan like to be with me, therefore Dylan loves to travel! 

Sometimes we don’t plan too far in advance and weekends sneak up on us. We officially found out Wednesday night that we did not have any commitments this particular weekend, but where to go?  We usually camp, but there was a tropical storm in the area, and it was incredibly hot!

Friday we both came home from work and immediately made reservations took a nap.  At around 6:30, we booked a last minute room at a great deal, packed the car and we were off for a romantic long weekend in Sanibel Island.  (We actually stayed in Fort Myers, since it was MUCH less expensive.)  Any time we are away from the house it’s a vacation, no matter the destination, or how long. 

Sanibel p. 1-21

Sanibel Island is known for its shelling.  We didn’t really collect any shells, what were we going to do with them once we brought them home?  But I took pictures of shells.

Sanibel p. 1-1Sanibel p. 1-2

Once we crossed the bridge onto the island, we stopped for a tropical beach lunch. 

Sanibel p. 1-3Sanibel p. 1-6

Usually when we camp, we pack food. Even though we were ‘hotelin’ we brought along some lunch supplies and made a stop at the store.  Dylan made this amazing mango tuna melt.  Here’s what it is: Herb and Garlic flavored tuna, peach mango salsa and Colby jack cheese on bread.  It was SO good! 

Sanibel p. 1-4 Sanibel p. 1-5  

We saw on the map that there was a light house, and to be honest, this was not what we expected…

Sanibel p. 1-8Sanibel p. 1-9Sanibel p. 1-10

I love this picture of Dylan,  I think he looks like  a jungle man.

Sanibel p. 1-15Sanibel p. 1-7

It seems that  see dolphins pretty much everywhere I go…

Sanibel p. 1-11Sanibel p. 1-17

We took a short walk along the beach.

 Sanibel p. 1-14  Sanibel p. 1-18

I know that this is sill, but I was a little excited to find just 1 little tar ball on the beach.  Tar naturally forms in the ocean, and I have no idea where this particular ball came from.  Yes, it is silly to be excited about a tar ball. 

Sanibel p. 4-3 Sanibel p. 4-2

The beaches in this area, in mid-afternoon were really crowded!Sanibel p. 1-16   

Where do you go for long weekends?

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Maria said...

Beautiful photos and I can see that you like to travel alot:)
Have a lovely weeken! /Maria

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