Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet walk on the beach

I really hope that you can read this. I’ve been on the phone with my hosting site and domain name techs.  They assured me that within 24-48 hours my new site will be live!!
(Just a reminder, my blog will be at

We were walking along the beach.  As usual, I was behind taking pictures, and Dylan was ahead playing in the sand.
Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-1
Turns out he was not playing, he was writing this……Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-3
It says “I love Carly”
Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-5Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-2
I was amazed and impressed with how sweet my man is!
Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-4Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-6
the ‘hold the camera in front of us’ shotSanibel p. 2 - shadows-7

Happy Sunday


Carolyn Ford said...

Pure sweetness! You two are adorable...enjoy those beach days! They are the best!

M said...

Love these pictures!

Taylor said...

Great shots, love your beach pics!

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