Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet walk on the beach

I really hope that you can read this. I’ve been on the phone with my hosting site and domain name techs.  They assured me that within 24-48 hours my new site will be live!!
(Just a reminder, my blog will be at

We were walking along the beach.  As usual, I was behind taking pictures, and Dylan was ahead playing in the sand.
Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-1
Turns out he was not playing, he was writing this……Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-3
It says “I love Carly”
Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-5Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-2
I was amazed and impressed with how sweet my man is!
Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-4Sanibel p. 2 - shadows-6
the ‘hold the camera in front of us’ shotSanibel p. 2 - shadows-7

Happy Sunday


Carolyn Ford said...

Pure sweetness! You two are adorable...enjoy those beach days! They are the best!

madison kate said...

Love these pictures!

Taylor said...

Great shots, love your beach pics!

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