Thursday, September 23, 2010

New website and The Mission Inn


My website, and blog are live!  This is really exciting since it took many phone calls to the tech guys to get things up and running.  My webpage is  and of course my blog is now


If you follow my blog you may have noticed me trying out a few different watermarks and developing my logo over the past few months.  I am pretty happy with what I have now, but I would love your feedback. 


Also, if you have any suggestions on my webpage I would love to hear them.  I really want to hear what people think, you won’t hurt my feeling, you will help me.  Thanks in advance!



I had jury duty recently, and of course took my computer and external hard drive along.  It was actually nice.  I had the opportunity to go through pictures from the past few months that had not been edited.  I was not able to publish blogs from the courthouse, but using Live Writer, I composed a handful of posts. 

Here are pictures of the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.  We visited my sister this summer and she took us to this amazing hotel.

mission inn-32 mission inn-1 mission inn-2  mission inn-4 mission inn-5

It was never ending

mission inn-6 mission inn-7

, but it was also a maze!

mission inn-8 mission inn-9 mission inn-10 mission inn-11 mission inn-13 mission inn-14mission inn-15 mission inn-16 mission inn-17

mission inn-18 mission inn-19

I am sure that there are many wedding here.

 mission inn-20 mission inn-21

My beautiful sister, Rebecca and I
mission inn-22 mission inn-23

Hawaiian-medieval …

mission inn-24 mission inn-25

Yup, that’s how they describe it.

mission inn-26

the Asian section of the hotel

mission inn-27 mission inn-28

Love the sun flare

mission inn-29 mission inn-30


Carolyn Ford said...

I am enjoying seeing southern California through your eyes/lens! My husband and I frequently go to the Mission Inn for dinner...usually the Mexican restaurant with outdoor seating. Many world dignitaries have stayed in this gorgeous hotel as well as the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. You really visited a lot of places on your visit! And...I love your photos of all!

Anonymous said...

Very good sharing this.

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