Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Summer in Photos

I absolutely love the I heart Faces contests.  This week they are hosting my story in photos, which is not a contest.  Anyone who has been around me knows that I LOVE to take photos, and take quite a few.   Pairing down my summer into 1 post was NOT an easy task!
This summer I was incredible blessed to be on vacation for 5 weeks.  I thought that in those 5 weeks I’d have plenty of down time to work on the computer, edit photos, and work on my website.  That was not the case.  I was doing something pretty much every day of the entire 5 weeks.I have not really gone through and edited all of the photos, so this theme was a great excuse. 
I know that 5 weeks sounds like a long time to be on vacation, but I am a teacher and have the summer off.  Dylan was in the musical Bye Bye Birdie, and had to work.  His summer schedule consisted of going to work, going to practice, grabbing dinner with the cast and getting home at 11 at night.  I like to be on the go, and get bored easily.  It made the most sense to enjoy time with my family while Dylan was busy.  But, of course, I missed him! 

I was out of school mid June.  During this time I worked on my photography business.  (I just added the face book fan page link on the side bar, if you want to join. )
My fun started July 1st, when we flew to LA , California to vacation and visit my sister.  Hollywood was our first stop. The other day I blogged many more of my pictures from Hollywood.
 summer 2010-1 summer 2010-3    
My sister has the neatest car, it is from 1982!  That is the year that I was born!  It is a Mercedes and it still runs.  summer 2010-8
The following weekend we went backpacking in… the middle of nowhere.  Gotta love my camera remote.  (What am I doing with my hand?)
summer 2010-9 summer 2010-10 
I was not brave enough to get in the icy cold melted snow river, but everyone else enjoyed it. 
summer 2010-12 summer 2010-13
That is my sister’s foot!  I always thought the rule on snakes was “red, you are dead”  but Rebecca proved that wrong!
summer 2010-15 summer 2010-16 summer 2010-17 summer 2010-19 summer 2010-20
What is a trip to California without a trip to Venice Beach?  Dylan said that it was interesting, but he would not go back.  If you like people watching, this is the place to go! 
 summer 2010-22 summer 2010-23
Malibu was the next stop.  Who knew that among the mansions there is a beautiful hiking trail.  We looked closely at the other hikers, but we are fairly certain that we did not see any celebs.
summer 2010-24 summer 2010-26
My sister lives in Riverside,and she gave us a tour of the botanical gardens, and downtown.
summer 2010-27 summer 2010-28
I have a whole other post scheduled this week on the Mission Inn.  The diversity in the architecture is amazing!
summer 2010-29summer 2010-30
Another future post will be Tio’s Tacos.  All of the ‘art’ is from recycled materials (a.k.a. trash.)  Honestly, it is fascinating!
 summer 2010-32summer 2010-34summer 2010-35summer 2010-36
Redlands was beautiful, and they have free concerts!
summer 2010-37
We rented a car and spent 3 days in and around Vegas.  On the trip up, we made a detour through the Mojave Desert.  There were beautiful Joshua trees and mountains. 
  summer 2010-40summer 2010-42 
summer 2010-47
Before we knew it we saw Welcome to Nevada! (A first for Dylan)summer 2010-48

While in Vegas, we visited the Hoover Dam.  I had only read about this in history books, but it is even larger in person, than in pictures.  While on the tour the elevators broke, so we had a little bit of a behind the scenes tour. 
summer 2010-49summer 2010-50summer 2010-51summer 2010-52
We saw ‘The Freemont Experience.”  Oh, and we walked through just about every single hotel in Vegas!  When they say that it isn’t so hot because it is dry heat, they are lying.  It was hot, hot, hot!
summer 2010-54 summer 2010-55 summer 2010-56
One of my photographer friends suggested that while we were in Vegas, we visit Red Rocks.  I was NOT disappointed.  It was gorgeous!!
summer 2010-57  summer 2010-59 summer 2010-60  summer 2010-62 summer 2010-63
We also attended the taping of the TV show, Let’s make a Deal.  It should air sometime in late September or October.  We sat 2 seats away from the host during the entire show, and should be easy to spot since we were the only 2 people not dressed crazy.  We visited LACMA after, and saw the tar pits.
summer 2010-64
Apparently Temecula is a popular wine area.  We visited a winery, did a tasting, and had lunch… oh, and a photo shoot. 
summer 2010-65 summer 2010-66summer 2010-69 summer 2010-67summer 2010-70
The great thing about Riverside, is that it is not too far from LA, or San Diego.  I absolutely love these 2 pictures from our day at the tide pools in San Diego
summer 2010-71summer 2010-72

We were extremely fortunate that Dylan’s aunt was getting married in San Diego at the same time that we had planned to be there.  (It was a small immediate family only event, so we didn’t attend.)  Dylan’s dad was the pastor for the wedding, so his parents were in town.  We were able to spend 3 days touring San Diego with his parents.  (I already posted pictures of this leg of the trip.) 
Thanks to Janet, Dylan’s dad’s friend, who let us crash on her floor last minute when we decided we were going to visit San Diego!
Seal Beach in Lajolla, CA and Encinitas, CA
 summer 2010-75summer 2010-77
Balboa park
summer 2010-78 summer 2010-79
Old Town
 summer 2010-86 summer 2010-87
Hotel Del Cornado!  This was impressive!
summer 2010-81summer 2010-80 
Love the gold sand
 summer 2010-83 summer 2010-82
I’d love to photograph a wedding here!
summer 2010-84
Some of the most beautiful pictures from the summer were taken at Torrey Pines.
summer 2010-89 summer 2010-90
summer 2010-91 summer 2010-92
My sister and her friends had a fun beach day at what I thought was Laguna Beach, but later found out was Newport Beach. 
summer 2010-97summer 2010-98 summer 2010-99summer 2010-101
Hiking up Big Bear Mountain
 summer 2010-103 summer 2010-104
At this point in the hike, I was thinking, how did I miss these sights when we came up the mountain….. turns out, we went down the wrong side.  oops!
summer 2010-105 summer 2010-106
My sister gave me a tour of her campus.  University of California, Riverside.
summer 2010-107
My last evening in California, we climbed the mountain behind my sister’s house.   It was a perfect end to a great vacation! 
  summer 2010-109 summer 2010-110
summer 2010-111 summer 2010-112
After California, I spent 2 weeks in Ohio.  One week was spent volunteering at Camp Asbury. I worked at this camp every summer in college, and volunteered the summers since.  (except the 2 summers I was in grad school, and the summer I was married.)  This is a sort of home away from home. 
summer 2010-113 summer 2010-114
My mom, dad and sister took a daytrip to the Kingwood Gardens, a bird sanctuary, Kayaking a river and to Amish country. 
summer 2010-115summer 2010-117summer 2010-118
After 5 rapid weeks, I finally returned home to see my hubby as the lead in Bye Bye Birdie! Dylan’s mom came down for a long weekend to see her son in the show, and participated in a beautiful sunset photo shoot.
 summer 2010-119 summer 2010-123

I love my job, I really do!  I love teaching and live my students.  As much fun as I had this summer, a big part of me misses my students and looks forward to going back to work.  On my last day of summer vacation, I went to a local winery and won my round of the grape stomping contest!  It was disgusting, but fun!
summer 2010-124 summer 2010-125
If you are still reading now, I am impressed!  It was a fun, and busy summer.  Now that I have sorted and edited my photos, look for some new pictures this week!


Anonymous said...

beautiful! I love the moments of summer you captured--especially that snake!

Wanda said... wonder you didn't get to the things you had hoped to this summer. What a packed and amazingly exciting 5 weeks you had. I love all these shots and especially the architecture. Wow!!!

Wendy said...

My goodness! That was a lot of photos! Your summer photos are all beautiful, and it looks like you had a wonderful time!

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