Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun with the Camera Remote

At the top of the mountain in Big Bear, we used the gorilla pod and remote to take these pictures. 


I will push you off of this mountain!Big Bear-13


Rebecca always looks funny in pictures!

 Big Bear-16


love you sis!

Big Bear-15


Hide us from Carly and her camera!

Big Bear-17   



Big Bear-21


Remember the ‘prom’ shot?

Big Bear-22


‘Hike’ it up

 Big Bear-23


I can’t think of captions for either of these… any suggestions?

Big Bear-12Big Bear-14


alicia said...

Sorry, horrible with captions. I just got a remote clicker and have been playing with it too. Great views.

Taylor said...

Looks like such a great and fun place! Sorry, not much help here with the titles either, it's too early LOL!

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