Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Celebrating marriage

We had a late date night to celebrate our 4th anniversary.  On our actually anniversary we were 3000 miles apart!  Dylan came with my to California, but had to return sooner than me since he had to work.  I know that to most people, this is a huge deal, but I booked our flights.  Dylan does so many sweet things for me all the time, that it does not matter to me if we are together on the actual day!  We considered Vegas the anniversary section of our trip, and had a nice dinner at P.F. Changs when we were back together.  (Pictures below using the remote and tripod)

summer 2010-120 summer 2010-121


summer 2010-122


Maria said...

Great photos:)

Taylor said...

Happy Anniversary! Great shots.

madison kate said...

Gosh. You two look so happy together... Happy Anniversary!

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