Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Bear Mountains

My sister (Rebecca), Rich (the boyfriend) and I spent a weekend hiking in the mountains!
 Big Bear-1 Big Bear-2
The views were AMAZING!!
Big Bear-3
The hike was doable, but with the constant incline and the heat, it was slightly strenuous.
Big Bear-4 Big Bear-5
When we reached the top there was a building, and a visitor’s book. It was signed by ‘grandma.’  If you were the grandma that took that hike, I am impressed! 
Big Bear-8 Big Bear-9
love the sun flare!
 Big Bear-10 Big Bear-6Big Bear-11 
On the way down I had my camera out,
Big Bear-19Big Bear-28Big Bear-24
capturing the golden light as the sun descended over the mountains.  Big Bear-7
I captured so many sights that I had missed on the way up.
Big Bear-25Big Bear-27
We had a wonderful conversation as we walked along, that took our minds off of the easy descent.
Big Bear-29Big Bear-33
When we got to this valley, almost at the base of the mountain, we figured it out. 
Big Bear-26
Do you know what it is?
Big Bear-30Big Bear-31
We hiked down the wrong side of the mountain.
Big Bear-32Big Bear-34
We had to turn around, hike back up and then back to the car.
Big Bear-35
When we arrived at the car, it was pretty dark, but luckily we did not get really lost. 

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Taylor said...

Wonderful shots!! What a truely beautiful place, I bet you took a bazillion pictures!

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