Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugar Loaf Mountain, California

I took the red eye out of CA and to Ohio, so I had to go to the airport at midnight. I don’t think that I would do that again.   The evening before I left my sisters house we hiked up her neighborhood mountain to watch the sunset.  Her friends went with us.  I would do that again!  The light was amazingly perfect.  My sister claims that the smog creates more beautiful sunsets, and I can’t argue that point!


Sugar Loaf-3

Sugar Loaf-1 Sugar Loaf-2 

Sugar Loaf-4 Sugar Loaf-6 Sugar Loaf-5

Sugar Loaf-7 Sugar Loaf-8

Sugar Loaf-22

Sugar Loaf-9 Sugar Loaf-10

Sugar Loaf-11 Sugar Loaf-13

Sugar Loaf-12  Sugar Loaf-16 

Sugar Loaf-17

Sugar Loaf-14  Sugar Loaf-15

  Sugar Loaf-18

Sugar Loaf-19  Sugar Loaf-21Sugar Loaf-20

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