Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dylan & his mom | Orlando Family Photographer

A few weeks ago Dylan’s mother , Cheri, came down for a long weekend.  The real purpose of her visit was to see Dylan as the lead role in Bye Bye Birdie.

Dylan & mom-7 Dylan & mom-9

I was thrilled when she agreed to pose for a mother son photo shoot. 

Dylan & mom-14

We began in a field just near our house

Dylan & mom-10Dylan & mom-5 

then headed to the local beach. 

Dylan & mom-15  Dylan & mom-18  Dylan & mom-17 

I absolutely love the golden light just before sunset. 

Dylan & mom-35

The beach was empty,

Dylan & mom-19Dylan & mom-24

with the exception of a few sand hill cranes. 

Dylan & mom-22Dylan & mom-28Dylan & mom-23Dylan & mom-26  

After a hot day,

Dylan & mom-32Dylan & mom-37 

the breeze over the water was refreshing. 

Dylan & mom-41Dylan & mom-45 

It was a BEAUTIFUL end to a great long weekend visit.

Dylan & mom-47Dylan & mom-43  

For me, this sunset marked the end of summer vacation. 

Dylan & mom-46Dylan & mom-50

The next morning, I had my first day back at school. 

Dylan & mom-48

Cheri had to fly back to Pittsburg the next morning.

Dylan & mom-49Dylan & mom-51

Cheri, I can’t wait until your next visit!!


Sheri said...

These are such beautiful photos. (I admit it caught my attention because i am Sheri and I have a son Dylan)

alicia said...

What beautiful moments captured. She is one beautiful lady.

Carolyn Ford said...

I love your editing on soft and light. You captured two beautiful people in photos that will be treasured.

Suburban Girl said...

What a precious memory your photos will be! You captured such a beautiful relationship.

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