Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

My husband, Dylan has rekindled his love of musical theater over the the past year.  He is amazing!  The first show that he tried out for, he was given the lead role!  I could go on and on about how amazing he is!  This weekend was the opening for the musical Bye Bye Birdie, and he is Albert.  I was incredibly fortunate that the director let me sit in on the final dress rehearsal and take pictures.  I was even more surprised that I was allowed to publish the photos.  (I have taken pictures of all of the past shows, but was not able to put the photos anywhere on the internet.)  

Hello, this is Dylan, making my first guest posting. I just want to say thanks to the cast and crew for making this an enjoyable experience, and I hope you all enjoy the photos! If you aren’t already a part of the show, and are in the Orlando area, check out the show Bye Bye Birdie, August 6 - 22, 2010.



Bye Bye Birdie-1-2

 Bye Bye Birdie-2Bye Bye Birdie-3

Bye Bye Birdie-4Bye Bye Birdie-5

Bye Bye Birdie-6 Bye Bye Birdie-7

Bye Bye Birdie-8  Bye Bye Birdie-10Bye Bye Birdie-9

Bye Bye Birdie-11Bye Bye Birdie-12

Bye Bye Birdie-13 Bye Bye Birdie-14

 Bye Bye Birdie-16 Bye Bye Birdie-22

Bye Bye Birdie-15Bye Bye Birdie-17

Bye Bye Birdie-18 Bye Bye Birdie-19

Bye Bye Birdie-20 Bye Bye Birdie-21 

Bye Bye Birdie-23 Bye Bye Birdie-24 Bye Bye Birdie-25

Bye Bye Birdie-26 Bye Bye Birdie-27

Bye Bye Birdie-28 Bye Bye Birdie-29

Bye Bye Birdie-30 Bye Bye Birdie-31  Bye Bye Birdie-32

Bye Bye Birdie-33Bye Bye Birdie-34

Bye Bye Birdie-35 Bye Bye Birdie-36

Bye Bye Birdie-37 Bye Bye Birdie-38

Bye Bye Birdie-39 Bye Bye Birdie-40

Bye Bye Birdie-41 Bye Bye Birdie-42

 Bye Bye Birdie-44 Bye Bye Birdie-45

 Bye Bye Birdie-43

Bye Bye Birdie-46 Bye Bye Birdie-47

Bye Bye Birdie-48 Bye Bye Birdie-49

Bye Bye Birdie-51Bye Bye Birdie-50

Bye Bye Birdie-52 Bye Bye Birdie-53

Bye Bye Birdie-54 Bye Bye Birdie-55

Bye Bye Birdie-56 Bye Bye Birdie-57

Bye Bye Birdie-58 

Bye Bye Birdie-60    Bye Bye Birdie-61    Bye Bye Birdie-62  

Dylan went through the pictures and choose his favorites, but there were a lot of favorites!  If you would like to see the rest of the photos visit the gallery


Carolyn Ford said...

These are incredible, Carly! I would think the cast members would be thrilled to see these...what a great job you did!

Pat Tillett said...

Fisrt off, congratulations to the both of you! Him for the role and you for the amazing photos!

Unknown said...

These are all wonderful!! I'm sure the whole cast is happy to have these wonderful mementos. :0)

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