Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dylan & his mom | Orlando Family Photographer

A few weeks ago Dylan’s mother , Cheri, came down for a long weekend.  The real purpose of her visit was to see Dylan as the lead role in Bye Bye Birdie.

Dylan & mom-7 Dylan & mom-9

I was thrilled when she agreed to pose for a mother son photo shoot. 

Dylan & mom-14

We began in a field just near our house

Dylan & mom-10Dylan & mom-5 

then headed to the local beach. 

Dylan & mom-15  Dylan & mom-18  Dylan & mom-17 

I absolutely love the golden light just before sunset. 

Dylan & mom-35

The beach was empty,

Dylan & mom-19Dylan & mom-24

with the exception of a few sand hill cranes. 

Dylan & mom-22Dylan & mom-28Dylan & mom-23Dylan & mom-26  

After a hot day,

Dylan & mom-32Dylan & mom-37 

the breeze over the water was refreshing. 

Dylan & mom-41Dylan & mom-45 

It was a BEAUTIFUL end to a great long weekend visit.

Dylan & mom-47Dylan & mom-43  

For me, this sunset marked the end of summer vacation. 

Dylan & mom-46Dylan & mom-50

The next morning, I had my first day back at school. 

Dylan & mom-48

Cheri had to fly back to Pittsburg the next morning.

Dylan & mom-49Dylan & mom-51

Cheri, I can’t wait until your next visit!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I heart faces: Beach Fun


My sister and her friends were awesome the day that we went to Newport Beach in California.  They were extremely agreeable as I make them pose for this shot.  I was going for the theme – a long walk on the beach.  They are all in grad school together and have so much fun.  After spending the day picnicking and playing in the waves the golden sunset was a perfect end to the day. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugar Loaf Mountain, California

I took the red eye out of CA and to Ohio, so I had to go to the airport at midnight. I don’t think that I would do that again.   The evening before I left my sisters house we hiked up her neighborhood mountain to watch the sunset.  Her friends went with us.  I would do that again!  The light was amazingly perfect.  My sister claims that the smog creates more beautiful sunsets, and I can’t argue that point!


Sugar Loaf-3

Sugar Loaf-1 Sugar Loaf-2 

Sugar Loaf-4 Sugar Loaf-6 Sugar Loaf-5

Sugar Loaf-7 Sugar Loaf-8

Sugar Loaf-22

Sugar Loaf-9 Sugar Loaf-10

Sugar Loaf-11 Sugar Loaf-13

Sugar Loaf-12  Sugar Loaf-16 

Sugar Loaf-17

Sugar Loaf-14  Sugar Loaf-15

  Sugar Loaf-18

Sugar Loaf-19  Sugar Loaf-21Sugar Loaf-20

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