Thursday, July 15, 2010

Violeta| Children’s Photographer

I have spent the past few weeks in California vacationing with Dylan (my husband) and visiting with my sister. Coincidentally Dylan’s parents and 2 cousins happened to be in the area the same time.  Many posts to come with pictures.  Dylan went home, but I’m out here longer to spend time with my sister.  I can probably count on one hand the number of days that I have spent with my sister in the past 5 years.   
I had the pleasure of photographing a future model.  Violeta does not have aspirations to be a model, but this girl knows how to pose for pictures!  Violeta looked like a flower girl in her beautiful flowing dress, which she picked out herself.  I had such a hard time choosing which pictures to post since there are so many that are amazing.  We had the perfect sunset light in a park near her house.  Thanks so much for letting me photograph you!

Violetta-4  Violetta
Violetta-7Violetta-6 Violetta-8   Violetta-11
 Violetta-13 Violetta-14 Violetta-15 Violetta-12
Violetta-17 Violetta-18
Violetta-19 Violetta-20Violetta-16
Violetta-21 Violetta-22

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