Sunday, July 18, 2010

Torrey Pines - shadows

Thanks so much for all of the comments on Torrey Pines.  I am amazed at how many of you love so close to this beautiful area!  Here are the rest of my pictures from just after the sun set. 
The first is straight out of the camera.
Torrey Pines- b Torrey Pines-20 Torrey Pines-21 

See the bunny?
Torrey Pines-23 Torrey Pines-24 Torrey Pines-25
Dylan’s parents (Love this picture of them!)
Torrey Pines-26
Dylan and ITorrey Pines-27 
Torrey Pines-29 Torrey Pines-32
Torrey Pines-33Torrey Pines-34Torrey Pines-35 
Torrey Pines-31
Torrey Pines-37Torrey Pines-38Torrey Pines-40 
Torrey Pines-30
Torrey Pines-42Torrey Pines-43Torrey Pines-44
Torrey Pines-22
Torrey Pines- b&w rocks-3 Torrey Pines- b&w rocksTorrey Pines- b&w rocks-2


Vicki ~ FL said...

Beautiful photos Carly...I haven't been to Torrey Pines in many years.

alicia said...

Those sunset ones are amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Dragonstar said...

I rather like the first of your B&W photos - the tree and the vegetation look good set against the rock patterns.
Mr Linky is set to close at 8am Irish time, which is GMT/UT.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

The second photo is so unusual. The sihlouettes are very good.

Jan said...

Beautiful, hard to tell which is SOOC.

Carolyn Ford said...

You captured the essence of the Torre Pines area...simply beautiful, Carly. I like the one where you can see the 5 Freeway winding along the coastline. We have driven that highway SO many times. You all look like you are enjoying the serenity of the evening hours.

stan said...

I am truly overwhelmed!!!

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