Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Laguna Beach... oops, actually Crystal Cove State Park

***Carolyn lives in this are and knows much better that I do where I was.  For some neat details on the park see Carolyn Ford's comments below.  If you want to see beautiful photos of California visit her blog.  She is an amazing photographer and always has new and interesting photos.  ***

My sister and her friends decided to have a beach day at Laguna Beach, just south of LA.  I was pleasantly surprised that that water was not THAT cold.  yes, it was really, really cold, but i was able to get in up to my knees. 
laguna beachlaguna beach-3
laguna beach-4laguna beach-5
laguna beach-6 laguna beach-2
My sister, about to be covered in a wave, she’s crazy.  She got right into the frigid water. 
laguna beach-8
laguna beach-9 laguna beach-10
See the crab, eating grass?  This seagull tried to sneak a few chips, but was tricked by the clear plastic panel of the bag. 
 laguna beach-12laguna beach-11  laguna beach-14
Tide Pools
laguna beach-13 laguna beach-15
laguna beach-16  laguna beach-18

laguna beach-17
laguna beach-19 laguna beach-20
 laguna beach-22 laguna beach-23
I made all of Rebecca’s friends pose for a picture.  They were really good sports about it.
laguna beach-24 laguna beach-25 
Oh, and I made them all go for a long walk on the beach.
laguna beach-27 laguna beach-28 
My beautiful sister and I. 
laguna beach-30 laguna beach-31
laguna beach-32 laguna beach-33
We stayed for my favorite time of day, sunset!
 laguna beach-36laguna beach-35 
laguna beach-37 laguna beach-38  
I was asked after posting my pictures of Torrey Pines, whether I prefer Florida beaches or California beaches.  I feel like that is asking a parent which child they like better.  I like both, but for different reasons.  I love the rocks faces and tide pools of the west coast beaches,but they leave little room to lay out.  Florida has long stretches of white sandy beaches with sand dunes.  I guess for the time being since I see Florida beaches all the time I like the California beaches since they are not what I am used to and a little different. 
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Ralph said...

What a beautiful azure Pacific view! Absolutely beautiful, the surf may be strong, but we need to keep looking. The rocky coast is a rugged beauty, a beautiful place and glorious trip! Your sister and you are quite lovely!

Lavender and Linen said...

Your pictures are amazing!

How lovely!

Thanks for sharing:-)

Christine said...

You make me want to go to California. These pictures are beautiful and it looks like a fabulous Day!

Dani said...

These pictures are more than amazing!!! WOW...

Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Wonderful photos. That is one of my favorite areas to go to. Your beaches are quite different from ours, but there are beaches here that have lots more sand. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

an awesome anemone! Thank you for sharing with all of us!
Helen Mac of the ABC team

Mikabella said...

LOVELY! I live just by the sea here in Sweden and loving every moment of it! Thanks for sharing does superduper sommar bilder! :)

Kram från Sverige

Carolyn Ford said...

Carly, This is actually Crystal Cove State Park which is part of the Newport Coast. It's not Laguna...I often post photos of Crystal Cove and the old beach cottages that you have in your second and third photographs (off in the distance). Crystal Cove is actually just north of Laguna Beach. One of the cottages is where the film "Beaches" was shot starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey back in 1988. You can see those in my recent posts. I recognized this area instantly! We love it there. The little restaurant called Beach Comber is such a fun little place to enjoy the sunset (right by the little beach cottages. I am glad you experienced this area! Lovely photos!

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful shots!!


2sweetnsaxy said...

I REALLY enjoyed this series of photos. Looks like you really had a day packed full of cool things to photograph. I really like that shot of the friends holding hands in a line. Very cool! That's a friendship postcard.

Suburban Girl said...

Cool beach shots and look how blue that water is.

Roger Owen Green said...

Nice pictures.

(I also appreciated the fact thast you identified what the A was!)

ROG, ABC wednesday team

Annie Jeffries said...

Oh my. These pictures just made me so homesick for the beaches of my youth.

Anonymous said...

Look like so much fun and the water is so lovely as is the sunset.

Patti said...

Wonderful beach photos. And I love how you got all of your sister's friends to hold hands and walk along the beach. Great shot!

The sunset shots are gorgeous!

stan said...

What an amazing beach! U guys look like you had a swell time there. I'm envious.

Tumblewords: said...

I LOVE anemone! They are absolutely fascinating! Gorgeous photos...

Anonymous said...

ugh! i miss that Pacific so much...why is the water so blue there, and it's this horrible murkey green brown on the east side?

Ma.links said...

Many beautiful photos.

betty-NZ said...

Nice beach shots.

maryt/theteach said...

Carly, wish I were there! :)

Hage og Foto entusiast said...

Such great photos. I`m out of word, you are so good to find the motives and the colors are fantastic. I love the pictures with all the people on the beach. It seems you have fun. I can just say: WOW you are good. Really like your photos. take care and have a good summer holiday.

Marice said...

Hi Carly! The photos are amazing! what a scenery! and it looks like you guys have so much fun :)

u may view mine here

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Looks like a lovely vacation. The West coast has the best sunset beach views.

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