Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Heart Faces: Purple

My sister is great!  While I was visiting, she arranged a photo shoot with one of her friend’s Children Violeta.  My sister also noticed the purple flowers she passed daily and suggested the location.  (Growing up my sister and I did not get along this well at all!)
Do you remember how pretty you felt as a little girl wearing a flowing dress?  (Sorry guys, I’m pretty sure you don’t remember this!)  Viloeta picked out her outfit completely by herself including the necklace and shoes!  She LOVED twirling in the soft sunlight in front of the purple flowers in her beautiful dress. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

San Diego Tide Pools @ Cabrillo National Monument

I was very excited today when I looked at the results from the Over My head contest on I heart faces and my picture was chosen as a favorite!   There were 500 amazing entries, so to even be considered is a great honor!  To be honest, I checked the page to see some amazing photos, not expecting my photo to be on the page.  Thanks  to Helen for giving me such a cute model!  (More pictures from Helen’s session here)
My sis took us to the tide pools on the southern tip of San Diego. We were so far south that we actually had Mexican cell phone reception.  It was a beautiful area full of many sea creatures. 

Hotel Del cornado-2 Hotel Del cornado-3
We started with a beautiful walk down the cliffs.
Hotel Del cornado-4 Hotel Del cornado-5
So many details in the rocks!
Hotel Del cornado-6
Enjoying the amazing coastline!
Hotel Del cornado-7Hotel Del cornado-11
  we made it!
Hotel Del cornado-12Hotel Del cornado-9
I love the vibrant color my sister was wearing next to the green of the stones.
Hotel Del cornado-13 Hotel Del cornado-14
My sis and Rich know pretty much everything about the critters. 
Hotel Del cornado-15 Hotel Del cornado-16
Hotel Del cornado-17 Hotel Del cornado-24Hotel Del cornado-25
The crab on the left is one of my favorites.
Hotel Del cornado-20 Hotel Del cornado-21
 Hotel Del cornado-23Hotel Del cornado-26   
 Hotel Del cornado-36Hotel Del cornado-39
According to my sis, the photo on the left is an anemone that uses rocks to protect itself when the water is not covering it. 
Hotel Del cornado-28 Hotel Del cornado-33
Dylan held a crab for the first time (right)
Hotel Del cornado-18Hotel Del cornado-44
 Hotel Del cornado-40
We climbed around the rocks and into this little cave. 
Hotel Del cornado-30 Hotel Del cornado-31 Hotel Del cornado-32       
Hotel Del cornado-42Hotel Del cornado-41Hotel Del cornado-45  Hotel Del cornado-43   
Hotel Del cornado-47 Hotel Del cornado-49
Hotel Del cornado-50 Hotel Del cornado

One other note, in my last post I gave the wrong name for the beach, but it is corrected, also check out Carolyn’s comment on some history of the area.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Laguna Beach... oops, actually Crystal Cove State Park

***Carolyn lives in this are and knows much better that I do where I was.  For some neat details on the park see Carolyn Ford's comments below.  If you want to see beautiful photos of California visit her blog.  She is an amazing photographer and always has new and interesting photos.  ***

My sister and her friends decided to have a beach day at Laguna Beach, just south of LA.  I was pleasantly surprised that that water was not THAT cold.  yes, it was really, really cold, but i was able to get in up to my knees. 
laguna beachlaguna beach-3
laguna beach-4laguna beach-5
laguna beach-6 laguna beach-2
My sister, about to be covered in a wave, she’s crazy.  She got right into the frigid water. 
laguna beach-8
laguna beach-9 laguna beach-10
See the crab, eating grass?  This seagull tried to sneak a few chips, but was tricked by the clear plastic panel of the bag. 
 laguna beach-12laguna beach-11  laguna beach-14
Tide Pools
laguna beach-13 laguna beach-15
laguna beach-16  laguna beach-18

laguna beach-17
laguna beach-19 laguna beach-20
 laguna beach-22 laguna beach-23
I made all of Rebecca’s friends pose for a picture.  They were really good sports about it.
laguna beach-24 laguna beach-25 
Oh, and I made them all go for a long walk on the beach.
laguna beach-27 laguna beach-28 
My beautiful sister and I. 
laguna beach-30 laguna beach-31
laguna beach-32 laguna beach-33
We stayed for my favorite time of day, sunset!
 laguna beach-36laguna beach-35 
laguna beach-37 laguna beach-38  
I was asked after posting my pictures of Torrey Pines, whether I prefer Florida beaches or California beaches.  I feel like that is asking a parent which child they like better.  I like both, but for different reasons.  I love the rocks faces and tide pools of the west coast beaches,but they leave little room to lay out.  Florida has long stretches of white sandy beaches with sand dunes.  I guess for the time being since I see Florida beaches all the time I like the California beaches since they are not what I am used to and a little different. 
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