Friday, June 4, 2010

What do you love about the beach?

I absolutely LOVE visiting  the beach. 
My husband… not so much.
He will go with me, but doesn't love, or even like the beach the way that I do. 
Last weekend we were almost alone on the beach in Fort Clinch State Park. 
Earlier in the day we stopped by the public beach and had a picnic lunch, but it was really crowded.
beach-3beach-13beach-7  beach-8  beach-9
  beach-11 beach-12 beach-14
We were almost alone at the state park beach
beach-10beach-15 beach-16beach-17 beach-18 beach-23
Dylan asked, what is is that people like so much about the beach?
He thinks that it is just sand and salty air that mess up your hair and make you feel sticky.  beach-21  beach-28beach-24beach-30
beach-22I think it is  a romantic magical place.

Do you like the beach?  What makes it special?


Sylvia K said...

It looks gorgeous to me! Beautiful blue water and you did get some great reflections! Hope you have a great weekend, Carly!


Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous collection of photos to celebrate the Sky and the beach.
I love connecting to the rythm of nature at the beach.

Jim said...

Gorgeous beach shots.

Unknown said...

i love everything about your beach.:p

Robin said...

Beautiful shots. I especially like the reflections.

And I love the beach. I wish I could visit it more often. :)

mARTy said...

wow, the pics are amazing, great reflections- and what a great beach!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful collection of photos, Carly! The reflections are awesome! Well done!

Nefertiti said...

superbes photos,merci du partage ! ;O)

scott said...

Beautiful Images Carly..

Matty said...

As I'm reading this, I'm thinking my wife started a blog without my knowledge. This is us to a Tee. I don't mind the beach, but I don't care for it anywhere near as much as she does. She would live there if she could.

Nice pictures.

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