Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There must be a story behind these pictures

When I see something like this, I know there has to be a story….. sinking boat-1
Maybe in the middle of a messy divorce an angry wife sunk her husbands boat since she felt that the boat was the mistress. 
sinking boat-8
An almost bankrupt fishing boat captain haphazardly parked his boat in a poor location hoping to collect the insurance money and dig himself out of his financial hole.
sinking boat-7 sinking boat-6
Hurricanes pass through the area all the time, and could easily sink a boat. 

sinking boat-5 sinking boat-4
A confused and hungry shark took a  huge bite out of the front of the boat, thinking it was a large fish. 
sinking boat-3
After a great storm this was the only boat still afloat. (Think Forrest Gumph.)  They caught so many fish that the weight of their catch sunk the boat. 
sinking boat-2
What do you think happened?


Carolyn Ford said...

I wonder how long it has been there like that! Maybe it just sank last week??? Great photos of the curious boat!

alicia said...

How sad. It's like flash backs to our flood of 08 here.

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