Monday, June 28, 2010

Susan & Pablo's Family| Kissimmee Family & Children Photographer

Pablo, Alex, PJ & Susan (Left to right) were fun and easy to photograph.  They braved the humidity and raindrops to take these great pictures.  The overcast clouds provided for perfect light for our session.
 Susan's Family-1
Such a cute family
Susan's Family-2 Susan's Family-3   
Susan's Family-7Susan's Family-8
Susan's Family-9 Susan's Family-10
Susan's Family-11 Susan's Family-12
PJ was my student a few years ago for Kindergarten and 1st grade.  He sure is growing up!  I have a feeling that soon he will be taller than his parents!
Susan's Family-13 Susan's Family-14 Susan's Family-15 Susan's Family-board
I am only half way through editing the photos, part 2 tomorrow. 
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