Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Helen’s Family | Orlando Family Photography

Helen and I are both teachers, and used to teach at the same school.  One day I needed a ride to work and she was gracious enough to pick me up last minute and give me a ride.  We soon found out that we live right around the corner from each other.  This evening, she sent me home with her amazing rice and beans.  My husband jokes that I had a will work for food sign.  Oh, and he also politely told me that Helen’s beans were much more flavorful and tender than my attempt. 

I was a little  nervous a few hours before our session when the skies opened up and it poured for a few hours.  We were so fortunate the the rain cooled things off, and we were left with beautiful   light.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous to photograph a 2 year old, but this little guy was AMAZING!!!   I never knew 2 year olds could listen so well!  With the promise of chicken nuggets for dinner this little guy posed, and posed again for the entire session.  It was a joy to photograph this beautiful loving family.

This is my favorite.  Look at his tongue to the side of his mouth.  SO cute!

 H's Family-5743

H's Family-5665 H's Family-5681

H's Family-5677 H's Family-5691

H's Family-5700 H's Family-5804

H's Family-5827 H's Family-5890

H's Family-5893 H's Family-5898

H's Family-5904 H's Family-5907

When it was time for mommy and daddy to take pictures, he was a little jealous.

H's Family-5931

H's Family-5967H's Family-5939H's Family-5953 

Thanks SO much for allowing me to photograph your family, and for feeding my husband!


Carolyn Ford said...

GORGEOUS photos! I love the subtle colors and fabulous light...very nicely done, Carly!

alicia said...

What beautiful family pics.

The Riggs Family said...

Perfect light! You're getting really good at this!

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