Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby Kyla| Orlando baby Photographer

I have been blessed to photographed 3 newborn babies in the past week, and I’m in heaven.  Kyla was as sweet as can be and rarely cried.  April (Kyla’s mom) just had a c-section and looks great!  Dylan (My hubby) was around this morning, so he offered to be my assistant.  He was a little nervous about a 3 year old, but Aidan (big brother) was amazing.  Aidan was completely content watching Dylan and Jacob (Kyla’s dad) play video games.  Dylan really enjoyed this and said he will assist anytime that I need someone to play video games. 

I met April only a few weeks after she married her husband Jacob and moved to Florida.  I was excited to learn that she was also from northeast Ohio.  I can’t believe that her little boy Aidan is already 3 years old!  Baby Kyla is only 9 day old.  Thanks so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family. 

 Baby Kyla (17 of 17)

Baby Kyla (16 of 17)

Check out Aidan’s cute shirt.  He was so sweet with his little sister!

 Baby Kyla (2 of 17) Baby Kyla-1

Aidan was such a sweet big brother.  In the picture below I asked him to place his hand on her head.  The look he is giving his mom is asking ”is this ok?”  So precious!

Baby Kyla (3 of 17) Baby Kyla-2 

 Baby Kyla (1 of 17)

Baby Kyla-3Baby Kyla (6 of 17)

I love this basket that April and Jacob brought with them.

Baby Kyla (7 of 17) Baby Kyla (8 of 17)

precious baby feet

Baby Kyla (9 of 17) Baby Kyla (10 of 17)  Baby Kyla (12 of 17) Baby Kyla (13 of 17)

Baby Kyla (14 of 17) Baby Kyla (15 of 17)

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Carolyn Ford said...

So beautiful...all of them. And, such adorable compositions. Love them!

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