Sunday, May 16, 2010

Todd & Christine| Wedding Photos

I had the privilege of photographing my friends Todd and Christine getting married yesterday.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I would have never known that they planned it in 3 days! It was a meaningful ceremony and the lighting was amazing.  They even wrote their own vows!!

Todd & Christine-3 Todd & Christine-5 Todd & Christine-8 Todd & Christine-2

 Todd & Christine-136 Todd & Christine-137

Todd & Christine-11

Todd & Christine-10 Todd & Christine-25 Todd & Christine-26 Todd & Christine-35

Todd & Christine-34 Todd & Christine-36  

Todd & Christine-60Todd & Christine-64


Todd & Christine-52Todd & Christine-41 Todd & Christine-48  Todd & Christine-67

Todd & Christine-42-2

 Todd & Christine-68 Todd & Christine-71

Todd & Christine-69 Todd & Christine-77

 Todd & Christine-78

Todd & Christine-76Todd & Christine-75

Todd & Christine-74Todd & Christine-72    

  Todd & Christine-70  

  Todd & Christine-79 Todd & Christine-81

Todd & Christine-59Todd & Christine-83 

Todd & Christine-95

Todd & Christine-94 Todd & Christine-96

 Todd & Christine-104Todd & Christine-101 

Todd & Christine-115

Todd & Christine-108 Todd & Christine-109

Todd & Christine-131  Todd & Christine-119

 Todd & Christine-127

 Todd & Christine-128Todd & Christine-124  Todd & Christine-129

 Todd & Christine-123

 Todd & Christine-133 Todd & Christine-135Todd & Christine-134 


Congratulations Todd & Christine!!!


chie said...

really great captures ma'am. :)

alicia said...

Great pics. Love those blue boots!

Christine said...

I love how you capture every detail of the wedding from those blue boots to the food. Great job!

Carolyn Ford said...

Love the blue boots, too! ...and the pup! You found all the little details that will make the memories return in the distant time...good job, Carly!

Todd Bright said...

Great work Carly! You captured so many distinct moments... you rock.
THANK YOU so much!

-The Groom :)

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