Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beach Workout

The idea for this photo shoot came from the i heart faces yellow theme. 
I choose a candid for my actual entry and the story of the evolution of the photo shoot. 
  Yellow lake-1
I absolutely love soft, warm sunset light.
Yellow lake-47Yellow lake-2 Yellow lake-4
I love watching carefree children play in the sand. 
Yellow lake-3
I love when the light is at just the right position on the horizon to create amazing colors. 
 Yellow lake-6Yellow lake-5 Yellow lake-7
Yellow lake-8   Yellow lake-18
Yellow lake-11 Yellow lake-12 
 Yellow lake-20Yellow lake-21Yellow lake-23Yellow lake-22yellow lake exports         
As Dylan was taking these pictures a few scrawny 14ish year old boys remarked to each other “That guy is doing Yoga on the beach.” 
Dylan replied ”It’s called a push-up.  You should try it sometime.”
  Yellow lake-38Yellow lake-39Yellow lake-33
I’ll admit that most of my images today are very processed, but the image below to the right is straight out of the camera. 
Yellow lake-43Yellow lake-9
  Yellow lake-45Yellow lake-46
The picture below is a 1 handed push-up.  (um…I can’t even do a 2 handed pushup.)
Yellow lake-41 Yellow lake-42  Yellow lake-44       
Monochrome Weekly Scenic Sunday Shadow Shot Sunday Straight out of the Camera

Mellow Yellow Monday Blue Monday


madison kate said...

Wow! How are you ever going to choose just one picture for the contest?! They are all amazing!!

Kim, USA said...

Wow amazing photos!! I am so impress Carly you are really good!! Happy Sunday!


Dragonstar said...

I love the colours, even though I couldn't find your monochrome entry.

Mama Zen said...

Excellent shots!

Jan said...

These are great, and your model very handsome. Thanks for pointing out which one is SOOC.

D'dubsters said...

What a beautiful shots, looks like it was taken by professional photographer and having photoshoot with the model.Visit mine here too

Birgitta said...

Excellent shots!

Nukke said...

You must LOVE this man !!!! So many nice pics !

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

The header photo and it's reflection especially the masts of the boats are so good.

I had a gym ball, only I didn't know it was a gym ball, I bought it for my little son to play with.

Marice said...

oh Carly! These are stunningly beautiful :) I could feel the lightness on these :) for some reason, the photos are uplifting :)

u may view mine here

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