Monday, May 3, 2010

April Photohunt

April Photo hunt Challenge 

It seems that every month the challenges get harder....  Here are my entries!

A Different Point of View
A Perspective Shot

This guy loved being rubbed on the side of the neck.  He had the happy look that my cat gets while being pet. 
a hot dog, he/she swallowed it whole

My husband was at home, over an hour away and was woken up due to the sound of the launch.   Funny thing is that he is  such a heavy sleeper that I can't wake him.   
ugh... you can smell it just by looking at it can't you??
Sign of Spring
baby birds
A letter formed/found in nature 
My letter is S

this shot feels so serene to me
this was the sky just after the shuttle went "skyward"
Mother Earth
get it?  a mother, for mother Earth!
Something Rare
Something Healthy
Something Colorful
Something Spicy 
(From the archives)
Something Triangular
The view from the Pier in Saint Petersburg


Carolyn Ford said...

You were REALLY creative with this challenge! I love your "S" found in nature...and the "trio." The photos related to the shuttle launch really caught my interest because I would give anything to witness that event up close and personal. The egret with food in its mouth is amazing. I could go on and on...your creativity is over the top!

RW said...

Some very beautiful photography you have here!

Alita said...

You did an amazing job! I loved your water shot. So tranquil! Oh and your S and Taste were excellent, too.

Ang said...

Love all yous shots... triangle is awesome! and I love your different POV :) great work!!

ShutterNinja said...

Bravo... these are great! You have really given me an idea of where my photography can go.

Rhonda said...

Touch, Sound, Letter "S" and Mother Earth are my favorites. Of course all the photos are wonderful, so it was hard to choose.

Raquel said...

Wow, great photos! 'Touch', 'Sign of Spring' and 'A letter found in nature' were my favorites. We both had the same idea for 'SOmething colorful' :) I loved your collection!

Amanda D said...

I love the letter in nature. Amazing! Also loving the skyward and flowers. Well done!

Samara Link said...

Carly, look at your go! You take awesome photos. I was incredibly impressed with your Mother Earth shot -- the composition, the lines, the colors, the mothering. It's great! Other favs -- taste, fish and perspective. Nice work, lady.

Always Faith said...

WOW. Incredible work, here! Loved the letter in nature, diff point of view and colorful especially! Awesome shots!

Suburban Girl said...

There are a group of newbies at Midweek Blues hope you link again this week too!

Taylor said...

As usual they are all great shots. I really like the clarity of the water in the first one!

kayerj said...

your results were amazing--so well done that it is impossible to select a favorite. But if I were to choose my favorite out of the bunch it would be those cute feathery chicks. You had such interesting subjects for your photo's.

Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Colleen said...

Sound, sign of spring and skyward are my favorites! Great photos over all!

Kristi said...

Great shots, Carly...I loved them ALL!! Letter, trio, skyward, water, etc!

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