Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break is here!!

As I walked out of work today and put the key in the ignition of the Honda a smile crossed my face when I realized that I would not be in that parking lot until April 12th!  My mom is going to be in town and we are going to be part of the Orlando tourists that descend on our town this for the weeks surrounding Easter.  We will spend time in the crowded parts of town that I generally try to avoid.... and I'll love every minute of it!
Skywatch Friday

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Weekend Reflections 

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Pet Pride & Camera Critters
I've officially convinced my husband to leave the back yard with wild  flowers until it looks bad.  I did agree to let the neighbor kid mow the front so that our house doesn't look too unkempt.  This is one of the neighborhood cats running through the wildflowers. 
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Camera Critters

Photo Friday
The theme for Photo Friday is blurred.  This photo was taken while at Old Town.  I love all of the vibrant colors of the rocks.  Doesn't  this picture make you want to dig your hands in the rocks too?  Maybe it's just me. 
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namaki said...

a nice one !

Carolyn Ford said...

Hurray for spring break! I can see that smile from ear to ear...because I, so, remember seeing it on my own face! It came back the day I retired too! I hope you enjoy every minute of it and your time with your mom...I love the reflection photo...ooohhh...good one!

Sylvia K said...

Lovely skies and reflections, Carly! And enjoy spring break!! I remember the days!! Wishing you a very Happy Easter weekend!


Woody said...

I love the reflection shot and the rocks are screaming "dig in!!!"

Judy said...

I love the photo of the cat in the wild flowers! I am slowly trying to replace the grass in the lawn with other plants, so I think the flowers are a good idea!

Taylor said...

Hope you and your Mom have lots of fun! Great cat shot.

Clytie said...

Very nice photos. I came here from Weekend Reflections, but the photo that caught my eye was the Rocks photo. I would absolutely loooove to dig my hands into that pile of beauty!

Helena said...

Wonderful photos, especially the skywatch and reflections. Enjoy your spring break!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

It's a great feeling on the last day of work before the holidays. That was how I felt on Thursday.

I really like the reflection photo.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful series of photos for each of these memes ... hard to choose a favorite.
Hugs and blessings,

Kcalpesh said...

Beautiful shots! Hope you had an amazing weekend! :-)

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