Monday, April 19, 2010

Not-Me-Monday - In the Kitchen

We did NOT get up at 5:30am to purchase a dishwasher on the first day of the big appliance rebate.  We are night people and would NEVER get up so early, and especially for such a strange reason.
We did NOT pick out the dishwasher over 2 months ago when ours broke.

We have NOT been filling our dishwater with water from the faucet for the past, 2 months instead of replacing the dishwasher, we are MUCH classier than that.

We have NOT hated our dishwasher since the day that we moved in to our house 3 1/2 years ago, yet are just now replacing it since it does not work.

I did NOT decide after work on Friday that I wanted a new refrigerator too.  We my wonderful husband did NOT go out within 20 minutes discussing the idea to purchase the frig.

It was NOT decided that since we had already purchased 2 appliances, why not get a stove too.

We will NOT make a 3rd trip this week for the stove.  I have NOT stopped baking cakes for the past 3 years, since our oven refuses to bake evenly.

We have NOT decided that since we have new appliances, we may as well get new counters and new hardware for the cabinets.

This all has NOT happened because of a new dishwasher.


Carolyn Ford said...

Okay...I'll be over for cookies soon! HA! Enjoy those new appliances because I really think you DID get up at 5:30 a.m. for the great bargains!

Christine said...

Go for the stove!! We just got a new one as ours was leaking carbon monoxide. NOT a good thing.

I am curios how you filled your dishwasher with water from the sink to use it. And, a sale is a sale. People do it all the time (the day after Thanksgiving?)

Enjoy your new appliances! Go bake some cupcakes!! Think of it as helping the economy.


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