Friday, April 2, 2010

fix-it-Friday: Happy Easter

I absolutely love the picture today for fix-it-Friday.  It was a wonderful picture with beautiful soft lighting and  a super cute little girl.  I love the Easter tones in the photo and edited to enhance the pastels. 
I decided to go for full color:  Using Lightroom 3.2
  • I adjusted the luminocity and the saturation of all of the colors except the orange since it affected her skin.  
  • I also enhanced the iris just a little and increased the sharpnmess, clarity and brightness of the eyes
  • I increased the contrast just a touch
  • I added just a little black 
  • Made the temp just a little to the yellow side
  • increased the exposure just a touch
  • added a slight vignette
Here is my end result:

1 comment:

Sistertex said...

Hi Carly,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog 'Spacial Peepol' and for the great comments. Really appreciate it! Yes the meme is fun, I enjoy it, perhaps you will too.

Love what you did with the photo of the little girl, it really pops now! Great work.

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