Monday, March 29, 2010

Not-me-Monday: Wildflowers

I did NOT ask my husband to hold off on mowing he grass since I love the wild flowers that have grown in our yard.

I am NOT Happy, pleased, delighted, excited, ecstatic, overjoyed, elated and thrilled that my undergraduate school loans have been forgiven after 5+ years of teaching at a title 1 school.

This is NOT a huge relief as this has been quite the process!!

I did NOT have a hard time choosing the picture to use for this week's I heart faces.

The theme is dramatic black and white.
From the Battle of Narcossee Mill

-a civil war reenactment event
I am NOT going to post some of my favorites here

I do NOT enjoy taking pictures of people
I do NOT like the candidness of using a zoom lens
Somehow it seems less strange at an event as it does in public
I do NOT wish that I could go around shooting random strangers... that odd?
Oh, let me clarify, by shooting, I mean with the camera, as in take a picture!!
I did NOT take over 600 pictures at the event
... and I was NOT bored going through the pics
I did NOT know that the Civil War took place in Florida
We did NOT hear conflicting views on if the battle actually took place at the location of the event.

I have NOT decided that I take way too many pictures.
Would you have chosen any of these instead of my choice
Visit Mcmama to see others.

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