Monday, March 22, 2010

Not-me-Monday: Visitors

We do NOT have family in town visiting.  We did NOT meet them at Old Town to see the Saturday night car show.  (Old town is a touristy, carnival, downtown type of place here in Orlando.)  I did NOT make it through the entire parade without taking one picture.... although I did take my camera and did take plenty of pictures of other things. 

 I did NOT make my husband squeeze through a small hole in the fence to get out after trying for about 10 minutes to find our way out.

We did NOT unsuccessfully try to sneak into our house without waking our guests.  It was Not 3:15AM after going to a party. We were not paid back for the favor by being woken up early the following day.

I was NOT exhausted at work today.  

I am NOT blogging now, when I probably should be fixing the salad for the seven people that will be at dinner this evening. 


Unknown said...

lol this was NOT a fun post! :)

akeorlando said...

Do you know I have lived in the Central Florida area for over 12 years and I have never been to Old Town. Is it worth the drive out to Kissimmee?

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