Monday, February 1, 2010

Not - Me- Monday

It is NOT me who took advantage of the extended lunch allowed on a teacher work day to have our first ever mid day lunch date with my husband!  It was WONDERFUL!

We did NOT allow our pineapple plants to be affected by the cold weather.  Of course we cover our plants everytime a frost warning is issued.  These plants were NOT grown from the pineapple served at our wedding.

There are NOT dozens of oranges and grapefruit in the yard that are ripe and quite yummy.  I have NOT only eaten 1 grape fruit and about 5 oranges this season.  I have NOT purchased oranges from the store because they were prettier than the oranges on our tree.  

I did NOT find this duvet that I've wanted for a while at a great price.
I do NOT love the combination of blue and brown.  (Did you notice my blog background has the same colors?) 
My husband has NOT said in the past that he did not like the design because it was too loud.    I did NOT convince him to let me keep it since it was already washed, on the bed... and looked so nice. 

He's great!


Yellow House said...

I am a teacher too -- work day lunches out are the BEST!!

Taylor said...

LOL! I would have bought some oranges too.

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