Sunday, February 7, 2010

I accidentally deleted 300 photos from this weekend!!

After posting my pictures for Sunday, but before preparing my pictures for the rest of the week I went to save my changes from Lightroom and in the process deleted about 300 pictures!  Basically they were one from my computer as I had told lightroom to overwrite the files.  I had deleted the photos from my SD card, but had not taken too make more pictures. After an hour of trial and error and an amazing program called disk digger, I was able to get my files back!  I just need to rename all 300 files to connect them to lightroom.  I'm just grateful that this lesson was learned on pictures that were nice, but not sentimental, and that I as able to fairly easily recover the files.

My recovered picture are from a garden in Winter Park. 

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Michelle Pixie said...

That is my greatest fear...deleting pix! I am so glad you were able to recover them. You have some beautiful shots. I love the mellow yellow curve in the road. ;)

happily retired gal said...

What a PANIC! Methinks we ALL worry about this happening. I try to remember to back up my photos regularly ... but I don't do it daily as I should. Glad you were able to get yours back. I've made a note of 'disk digger' just in case. Beautiful photos as always ... love the reflections in the last one especially.
Hugs and blessings,
Small Reflections

Arthur said...

This might be useful to others reading here... When you deleted photos from a camera memory card (or PC etc), the image data itself isn't normally deleted, just the index information that tells the system where that data is located on the card (or disk).

As a result, file recovery software can scan the card or disk and reassemble the data back into the original files unless , or until, new files get saved to the card as that may overwrite the image data concerned.

So if you need to get deleted photos back, don't save any new files to the card or disk!

There are many photo file recovery products available and some provide a free demo version to scan the card and show you what still exists on it. If you've lost pictures this way, it's often worth a try to see.

Taylor said...

So glad you were able to recover them!

Patti said...

Holy Moly! How scary is that! I can only imagine the thoughts that went thru your mind! Learning lesson for all of us though- Thanks for taking the hit for us!

Steve Bellamy said...

That's awesome! Home data recovery software has gotten pretty advanced, but it's rare to recover every single one of your photos from a SD card.

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