Monday, January 11, 2010

Not-Me-Monday with a Mullet

It has been a few weeks since I participated in Mcmama's Not-Me-Monday.

I did NOT try to give my husband a mullet while cutting his hair the other night. 
He was NOT frustrated that it was late at night and did NOT want me to finish up quickly. 
I did NOT give him a rat tail after cutting off the mullet. 

Rat tales are NOT all the rage in my 3rd grade class. 
(Don't worry it looked good in the end.)

 I did NOT cut my finger this week while trying to make dinner.
It did NOT bleed to much that my husband wanted to take me to the ER.
It was NOT bleeding 72 hours later.  
I do NOT have a pretty big scar on the still healing finger.
I did NOT cut my finger using an Ulu from Alaska that is intended to skin seals. 

My husband did NOT think that I was having a cyber affair with the tech-support guy from our Internet Service Provider this weekend.
I currently do NOT have to refresh a page about 10 times before actually getting to the page.
The cable company did NOT  tell me that the problem was their service... then did NOT tell me I needed to pay an extra $5 a month to be able to use their service.
They did NOT change their story when I explained that I wouldn't be paying an extra to use the service I am already paying for, and that when I use the same computer at work there are no problems.
By the way... We have NOT had the tech out 3 times in the past year trying to get things fixed.
The tech did NOT tell me to reset the modem that I had already reset so that he would lose the connection and not have to deal with me... I'd NEVER be that customer!  I am NOT beyond frustrated and considering switching to DSL (which is slower) just to have internet that works!

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