Sunday, January 31, 2010

A walk in the park

My pictures today are from a rather chilly walk in the park that my wonderful husband joined me on. I love walks, he only enjoys them because I enjoy them. 

Mellow Yellow Monday

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Mosaic Monday

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Blue Monday

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My Favorite Place: The Beach

It is no secret that I love to travel and take every possible opportunity to get away!  This week at I heart faces, the theme is my favorite place, the place the I find the most romantic.  My absolute favorite place to visit is.... the beach!

The scenery

The fresh breeze

Sunsets always look prettier over the water

Finding interesting shells
 Interesting sealife

 Boat rides

Just relaxing and enjoying the view

Cheesey Titanic recreations (Anyone else willing to admit that they've tries this?)

Ending a beautiful day, looking forward to next time!

My husband has decided in the past few months that he does not really like the beach, and prefers forests. (his words) Did I mention that we live in Florida? He'll still go with me from time to time, but just doesn't have the same amount of enjoyment that I do.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Effects of Florida's Frost

My pictures today are from our yard and a recent biking trip.  I insisted I wanted to take along my big camera despite the risk of damage while on our recent biking trip.  After about 10 minutes and the images that you see below, I realized all the grass is dead and stopped shooting. 

I also discovered that there are 'hills' in central Florida. 
If you want the truth, I made this b&w to disguize the bright green port-a-potty in the picture.  
Did it work?

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All of the grass looks like hay. 

Scenic Sunday
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The oranges seem to have survived the frost. 

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fix-it - Friday: Fun in the snow

I love the photo today for fix-it Friday. I used lightroom and ended up with about 15 different pictures with different effects. The challenge that I had was choosing colors and effects that allowed the snowman to clearly show up.

Sepia effect:

Hers is the original photo:

The last of my vacation photos

 This week I've been showing you my vacation photos, and today is the last of Cozumel, which is the last stop on our cruise.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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Pet Pride & Camera Critters

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Camera Critters

Photo Friday
The theme for Photo Friday is Distant.  I choose this photo because it feels like it goes on forever.  

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Signs in Cozumel

I am aware of the fact that the signs are created to draw attention to the store and create business, but you have to admit they are cute and funny.

Did you see my Wordless Wednesday from yesterday?

Cheaper Than Therapy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blue Skies and Beautiful Beaches

While in Cozumel we had planned to snorkel, but the waves were so high that they were not even letting ships out.  When you look at the pictures you would never guess the weather was an issue.  
Wordless Wednesday

We are fairly certain that the signs are just to see if people would believe it. 
 ABC Wednesday
The letter today is B for beautiful blue skies and beaches!

 WateryOutdoor  Wednesday

 Sepia Scenes


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