Thursday, December 17, 2009

Train Lights

I set the camera on a post and set the shutter to be open for 2 seconds just as the train was heading my way. 
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Cheaper Than Therapy

I was a little bored with my Thursday post, so I snooped around on Ford Family Photos to find another meme.  If you think that I post a lot of photos, you should check out her blog.  She seems to always have new and interesting photos that are perfectly composed. So here it is....
 Thursday Challenge
The theme is toys, dolls and cars.  Here are pictures of a train display in the beach club near Epcot.

Click on the link to see other entries or to enter yourself.


Anonymous said...

First time participating in Thousand Word Thursday. Fun. Lovely photos!

Nicolasa said...

Love it! Great shot!
Happy ATWT!

Carolyn Ford said...

The winter train display is so cute! My little grandson would love that one too...glad you joined us!

Suburban Girl said...

I like that night time reflection, very nice. And the train sets are quite captivating.

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