Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still feels like Summer.... not Christmas!

I am not really enjoying the weather this fall.  We have had about 5 cool days.  Today was a high of around 83 and perfectly sunny and 'beautiful.'  I don't want sunny and beautiful, I want cold and 'Christmas-y.'   I had planned to wait till the week before Christmas to post Christmas pictures, but I was tired of looking at tropical cruise pictures. If you want to see the rest of the cruise come back in January because the rest of December is going to be Christmas!!

All of the pictures today were taken in the Disney Hotels or in Epcot.

This is the recipe for the chocolate carousel.  The recipe is written in chocolate.

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For a rather non-traditional scenic Sunday, a train scene in the beach hotel near Epcot.
Scenic Sunday
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The shadows entering Soarin in Epcot.  As you can see there was no wait :-)  The joys of visiting in the off-season. 


Everything that you see is made of candy or chocolate and edible.  The smell of chocolate permeated the room. Don't worry in traditional Disney marketing they also sold goodies to eat. 
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Epcot Christmas tree. 
Over at Sunday Stills the theme this week is Holiday Lights and decorations.
Check back the rest of the week to see many more pictures. 


Carolyn Ford said...

You must have annual passes to Disney World? We do the same out here for Disneyland...My husband and I enjoy Downtown Disney mostly because of the street musicians there and, the Jazz Kitchen with their nightly jazz musicians. And, we love the Christmas decorations (Disney style) too! Isn't it fun to live near by...

Anonymous said...

Your monochrome photo is delicious Carly.

michael bird said...

Yum - a chocolate covered menu. If I were an old goat (I'm not), then I would enjoy the paper as well.

Brenda said...

We were at Disney in Florida one year for Christmas. The kids were very young and we were with my parents. I loved all of the holiday decorations. My husband didn't like the crowds. lol

allhorsestuff said...

Well, sorry about the warmer Christmastime for you...I do LOVE the seasons here in snow yet...but last years 20 inches fluke- may tide us over this time!
Lovely shots all!

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