Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crooked Tree

I am not exactly sure what happened as this tree was growing, but I am absolutely amazed that it was able to survive and persevere through what appears to be a few challenges along the way.  I find it encouraging that the tree was able to survive the challenges it faces and slightly discouraged that about our own tree.  We have a palm tree that we purchased about a year ago from a tree farm.  It is growing, but recently the leaves have begun to brown.  We have spent about twice as much as what spent on the tree watering the thing and it is still is having difficulty.  If the tree above can live through something crazy, why can't my palm survive in ideal conditions.  

Cheaper Than Therapy


Carolyn Ford said...

Hate to tell you this...but, maybe they really don't like "ideal" conditions! We see trees growing in cracks in rocks in our mountains...who would ever think? have taken a great photo of this bizarre tree!

Suburban Girl said...

Maybe its the hardships that drive living things to survive. Wouldn't you love to hear this tree tell a story?

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