Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yea, it's finally Wednesay

This week is really dragging.  I am really excited for my husband's parents to come into town for a brief visit. I know that this is a silly little thing, but the rest of this week I get to wear jeans to work for various reasons! 
 Now onto the pictures that were all from the park that I visited this weekend.
Wordless Wednesday

I felt bad for this neglected Barbie.  She has lost half of her hair, half of her clothing, and is sitting in a stream in Langford Park.
 WateryOutdoor  Wednesday

Here are a few pictures of the stream that ran through the park. 

 Sepia Scenes

A palm leaf


 Part of the playground.  Yesterday I posted a strange picture for Ruby Tuesday.  For those that were wondering that is a spiral ladder on the playground

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Danielle said...

Great pictures! I am not sure about that barbie though! Did you just find it like that?

Jim said...

I too am wondering about that Barbie? Your playground picture is bright! Happy MidWeek!

Jim said...

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Unknown said...

love your Midweek Blues photo. poor Barbie...her owner must have had a really bad tantrum:P

Jeanne said...

I hope you didn't leave Barbie in the stream

Unknown said...

Interesting photos! Poor Barbie I used to think she had everything... ;)

Happy ODW
~Really Rainey~

Regina said...

Great post and photos! Nice combination of themes.

Suburban Girl said...

Carly I love your choice for Wordless Wednesday...I'm glad you said it was a Barbie. I was trying to figure out what is was. It is a perfect post for wordlessness. I really do love the perspective of the Midweek Blues post too. It is a very cool shot.

Thanks for posting at MWBs.

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwwww, sad. Barbie needs a makeover!!

Mine today is the Annual Jazz Festival in town. Come by if you can. CLICK HERE

Have a glorious Wednesday.

Liz Mays said...

I feel like we need to call in a crime scene investigator!

Susie said...

Those are some great shots!!

Mary Bergfeld said...

Great pictures and your collages are terrific. I hope you are having a great Outdoor Wednesday.

Sherrie said...

Hi Carley,
Great Photos! Your Mosaic is beautiful with all those photos! Looks like a great place for an afternoon picnic. Have a great day!


P.S. Yes I have tried jumping rope and it is exhausting!!!

Stine in Ontario said...

Poor, poor Barbie!

Have a great time with your in-laws!

Dianne said...

the perspective of the playground shot is wonderful!! makes it seem so mysterious

enjoy your visit with your in-laws

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Carly,

Great pictures. Such a sad ending for Barbie. I love your sepia palm leaf.

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

~ Tracy

Stan said...

Tough break for Barbie, but at least she expired in a beautiful place.

Pat said...

The collage of the stream is really nice. Looks so peaceful with the gentle movement of the water.

Mary Bergfeld said...

Hi Carly, I hope you are still reading comments. You asked about proscuitto. It is a dry cured Italian ham and you should be able to find it in large grocery chains or Italian delis. I hope you are having a great night.

DoanLegacy said...

All your photos are fantastic! The midweek blues is awesome!

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