Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday - Opening weekend

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As I mentioned yesterday my husband (Dylan) is the star in a local musical, and this was opening weekend.
Being the star has NOT taken many of his evenings, yet it has brought us closer since the time that we spend together is real quality time.

We did NOT park the car at the lake at the end of our street for a little make-out session on Saturday night before heading home.  I always heard that once you are married you don't kiss anymore and we would NEVER park our car with the intention of making out like crazy teens! 

I have NOT enjoyed going out with friends by myself, minus hubby.  Part of the reason that I enjoy this is NOT because my hubby sometimes keeps me from asking people too many questions.

I did NOT have a difficult time determining what to order out on my own.
I  do NOT order something that Dylan will eat since I generally can only eat about half of my meal. 

I did NOT pick Dylan's parents up from the airport, bring them to our house and leave 5 minutes later to take pictures.

I did NOT make Dylan's dad miss watching the Steeler's game to go with the to Gatorland.   I did NOT get into Gatorland free because of being a teacher!!!

I did NOT have a laugh at my father-in-law's expense while at Gatorland. You see we saw this snake and  I did NOT tell him that it was real to see the reaction as I touched the snake. I did not try to convince him to touch the snake as I took pictures.  He was convinced that she snake knew that he was afraid and was giving him a look.  I did NOT  tell him that the snake was plastic only after he touched the snake and we were walking away. 

Hope that you have a great week!!


TeagansMom said...

Hey--- Thanks for the comments!!! And no-- my inlaws dont read it!!

Janelle said...

We have never done the parking thing as adult, mature, married couple with children...not me! Loved your post!

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